viernes, 20 de agosto de 2010

Swiss Comics from today in Camagüey

Eduardo Rosales, director of the Provincial Center of the Visual Arts, assured that according to the available references the sample is the first of the mentioned expressive branch in the territory.

Presented previously in Cuba in the 2008 in Havana, the panoramic offers a retrospective one with reproductions of fragments of comics of dozens of authors.

The profesionality, wide variety of styles, topics and publications testify the ancestral print of the Central European country in becoming of an artistic slope whose theoretical foundation and practice is attributed the Swiss Rodolphe Topffer who lived from 1799 to 1846.

In the exhibition figure, also, works of 13 personalities of Camagüeya, several of which concern to the cómics, a branch that has its main creator in Juan Padrón in the Cuban responsibility, with the series played by Elpidio Valdés.

Also linked to the sample, will be inaugurated at the four and 30 of the afternoon, in the gallery of the municipal Government's headquarters, an exhibition of creations of Osvaldo Díaz, of Camagüey.

Image convergence and schemes, the cómics, denominated puppets popularly in Cuba, possesses one of their remote antecedents in the Egyptian papyruses, those which although with other objectives, reflect messages based on the illustrations.(Adolfo Silva Silva)

Tribute to highlighted radialists in Camagüey

Camagüey, 20 Aug. - Because it is difficult to conceive the current life without the presence of the Radio and the feminine impront, the workers of the provincial radio station Cadena Agramonte took place this Friday the anniversary 88 of the massive means in Cuba and the 50 of the creation of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC).

The day was favorable for - between poems and songs - to give the Stamp “Anniversary 85 of the Cuban Radio” to Brenda Graciela Vilató, Benito Gil Lacal and Francisco Canela Ciurana, pensioners; besides to Esther Borges Moya, boss of the Digital Writing, all with a highlighted trajectory in function of recreating, to inform, to mobilize and to educate to the town of Camagüey.

It didn't miss in the simple ceremony of this Friday the back the cause of our Five Heroes, imprisoned wrongly in United States, which became patent in Domingo Marcos` interpretation , instructor of Art of the House of the culture “Julio Antonio Mella” who made musical notes of Ramón Labañino`s poem, “Undeniable.”

Between poems and songs the celebration of the radialits of Camagüey lapsed for the birthday 88 of the Cuban Radio and the 50 of the FMC who revealed its commitment of continuing making of the radial waves and its messages SOUND to SEE. (Tay Toscano Jerez).

Do I maybe exaggerate?

After referring the days 17 and 18 of August to Daniel Estulin book that relates with irrefutable facts the horrible form in that the minds of young and children from United States are deformed by the drugs and the massive media, with the participation aware of the North American and English intelligence organisms, in the final part of the last Reflection I expressed: “It is terrible to think that the intelligence and the feelings of the children and the youths from United States are mutilated in that way.”

Yesterday the cable agencies communicated the offered information of a study published by the University of Beloit, in which points out facts that happen for the first time in the history of United States and the world, associated to the knowledge and the American university students' customs that will graduate in the 2014.

The newspaper Granma informs the news with eloquent language:

1º “they don't take clock to see the hour, but rather use their cellular ones.”

2º “they Believe that Beethoven is a dog that knew in a film.”

3º” That Miguel Ángel is a computer virus.”

4º” That the electronic mail is ‘too much slow',accustomed like they are to type messages in sophisticated wireless telephones.”

5º” Very few of them know how to write in italic.”

6º” they Believe that Czechoslovakia never existed.”

7º “That the North American companies have always made business in Vietnam.”

8º” That the Korean automobiles have circulated the whole time in their country.”

9º” That United States, Canada and Mexico have always been bound for a Treaty of Free Trade.”

One stays cold, when you go to what extent the education can be deformed and prostituted, in a country that counts with more than 8 000 nuclear weapons and the most powerful means of war in the world.

And to think that there are still sensible people able to believe that my warnings are exaggerated!

Fidel Castro Ruz
August 19 , 2010
11. 13 a.m.

Singapur: Juvenile or mercantile olympiad?

By: Fidel Alejandro Manzanares Fernández (Student of journalism) / Television Camagüey

Its bigger brother already bill with more than a century of existence, and apparently, what a principle seemed a battle based on the principles of the fraternity has become a commercial war of speculative might. Beijing was the most recent sample in it; and the disappearance of sports that don't attribute earnings to the organizers and television chains as the baseball left the “park.”

Now the family Olympic bill with a new conceived tenant hardly two years ago and materialized by these days in the Asian region of Singapore; while the summery show of winter even lasts for the lovers of the skating and the slips in the snow or the ice.

But the “chiquilín” will be our topic and question. The Youth's I Olympic Games whose headquarters was granted February 21, 2008 by the 105 members from the COI to this oriental city, victorious in its dispute with a great city like Moscow. But, why some JJ.O.O?

At first sight it sounds like a brilliant proposal where the homos sapiens of smaller age with sport attitudes has the possibility to compete and to demonstrate all category they possess. More than a thousand 500 competitors coming from more than two hundreds of countries signed up in 26 disciplines, they proclaim the magnitude of the encounter.

Now, although it is certain that the juvenile ones needed their universal space, love of the different ones world and regional competitions for the inferior categories, the party of Singapore has a dual character because the goals that are pursued are not completely healthy; or it is that we have maybe forgotten what has become the sport.

The recently concluded World Cup of Soccer is the most alive example in the intercontinental economic character of the fair ones that not leave millionaire figures alone for organizers but also for those of the Niké, Gatorade, Puma, Coca Cola or for those of the ADIDAS; however this is not enough, is that was even a cabinet better in this juvenile exchange.

And is it that the future is to guarantee , truth? To those of the professionalism if that put to him in tray of “silver”. is a fresh merchandise point of offering.

I didn't want to seem arrogant and a lot less than the topic is repetitive but I find impossible to close the eyes or to live back to the society.

The delegation of Cuba is also present in the Youth's first Olympic Games and already bill with three medals thanks to the work of fighters and pesistas, although in the island we all await for the outburst of our voleyballmen whose payroll heads the most immediate handout in this discipline, Wilfredo León. It is an unique opportunity to measure to the house pupils and fire them in the international sand.

Let us wait that the 26 next when fades the flame and lower the flag of the five hoops, the inhabitants of the planet are satisfied with all that happened in sport matter. The rest is benefits of some few ones in this new auction played by the capital.

The weapons and the good sense

By : Ernesto Pantaleón Medina / Television Camagüey

I like the weapons, I admit it, a due liking maybe to that, when boy my father, old cattleman, conserved some of his time of splendor, in the years 30 and 40 of last century.

I consider some pieces like beautiful jewels, works of the genius of artisans and mechanics, and of course, I make abstraction of its lethal purpose when I consider them ornamental objects, to figure in a panoply, as same is placed a samurai katana or the lance and the shield of a Zulu warrior.

It is comprehensible, at least for the earthlings of the present that a policeman carries a defensive instrument, or that the soldiers should possess armament to keep the sovereignty and the integrity of the nations.
However, in spite of that species of platonic admiration, I find difficult to assimilate the fact that for each a hundred citizens from the United States, exist 90 firearms.

Do you imagine how many irritable people, how many social and deliquent inadapted, how many young with behavior problems, how many frustrations are given in the breast of any society?

In the earth of men of peace like Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln or Lucius Walker is easy to channel a tantrum in form of mortal shots.

They don't surprise the news that retail in the media yankis, then relating massacres in schools, gas stations or supermarkets, bombs in buildings of apartments, marksmen executing people at random with a combat rifle.

Coarse that an unpopular professor makes center from his academic demand to the such student, so that this looks for at night in the drawer of the table of the father, or in the closet of the garage a gun, a shotgun or a rifle, undertake to shots with the teacher and in passing, murder ten or twelve schoolmates before to be placed the canyon of the weapon in the mouth and to press the trigger (anyone can be remitted to Michael Moore`s documentary in connection with the events of the town of Columbine).

I know the influence of the Association of the Rifle, and that the sale of weapons is a juicy business, but I consider that any civil society, ordinate, intelligent and balanced, can allow such a proliferation of death, and much less to stimulate the violence from the simple ¨Muñe¨ until the video games, the movies or the adventures of real hawks that throw bombs and missiles has more than enough Iraq and Afghanistan.

The same hawks that today threatens to take a good part from the planet to the nuclear holocaust.

It is time that the humanity takes a first step and NOT say to the weapons, then she will be saying YES to the good sense and a tomorrow of peace like legacy for the future inhabitants of this suffering and battered blue sphere.