miércoles, 13 de octubre de 2010

Pioneer of Camagüey in march toward their congress

- More than 50 thousand children and adolescents will participate in the debates

Camagüey - With the assemblies of Posse (groups of classes), to be carried out the next October 28, more than 50 thousand children and adolescent of Camagüey will begin the process of the V Congress of Pioneer Organization José Martí (OPJM) whose official convocation was carried out October 8.

Those debates played by the youngest generation of Cuban will extend then to the communities (representations of elect schools for the students) and the assemblies at municipal and provincial level, until culminating in the national congress of the organization foreseen for the month of April 2011, in the capital of the country.

Themes as the functioning of the OPJM, the vocational formation, the formal education and the knowledge of the history on the part of the youngest generation of Cubans will center the analyses, as explained Miyannis Torres Rodríguez, provincial president of the organization in Camagüey.

“Our pioneers will also value the importance of activities like the school to the field and their incorporation to campaigns like those that at the moment are developed against the vectors and for the energy saving.”

The pioneer organization José Martí contains the children and Cuban adolescents with ages between the nine and the fourteen years and, from its foundation for the Commandant in Boss on 4 April ,1961, have played an important part in the formation of the youngest generations of Cuban.(Amaury Valdivia)

Gather in Camagüey fruits for infantile preserves

Camagüey, (AIN) The farmers of this county work in the bombfruit crop and of guava, for the pulp elaboration dedicated to the preserve production.

The effort of the agrarian ones responds to the deficit that had the mango gathering, when a thousand 900 tons were below the dear quantity.

Norberto Martínez, in charge of the area of fruit-bearing in the delegation of the Ministry of the Agriculture, said that the purpose is to gather some a thousand 500 tons of bombfruit and 300 of guava, in good measure in lands of rural cooperatives.

The matter prevails become pulp both procesators plants of the company canning vegetables.

Mayda López, technologist in that entity, pointed out that one hopes to obtain a thousand 100 tons of bombfruit pulp and 640 of guava, to replace the considerable reduction of that of mango.

The balance of the collection of this line finished with little more than three thousand tons, distant of the five thousand 700 planned.

It owed to the affectation of the plantations in its floration period , in February, when the sprinkles of cold fronts propitiated the attack of mushrooms, and also winds in April and May that caused the loss of flowers and small fruits, Martínez valued.

The official added that the county attacks a development program of fruit-bearing up to 2015 in the areas of the valley of Vats and of Camalote, in the north fringe, in Santa Cruz of the South and in the surroundings of the city of Camagüey.

In the periphery of the city, third in population of Cuba, the suburban agriculture advances, where the producing plan to foment 800 hectares of these cultivations, mostly mango, guava, bombfruit, pineapple and coconut.(Lucilo Tejera Díaz )

Springs of Camagüey for a better maternal-infantile attention

Camagüey- The good use of the primary structure of health and the identification of the risks in the gestantes, constitute primordial elements for the consolidation of the maternal-infantile attention in this county.

To materialize that purpose, the care is prioritized to the pregnant that suffer of arterial hypertension and diabetes, and to those that surpass the 30 years of age.

The system of health in the territory of Camagüey assures actions guided to diminish the deaths for diverse causes and a systematic treatment to the small ones with nutritional dysfunctions, besides a more effective work with the medical urgencies.

On the other hand, it is possible to improve the ginecobstetric attention and an integral pursuit is guaranteed to the newly born ones with under weight or congenital sufferings.

The specialists - not according with those results -, say that are still reservations in the maternal homes and in the orientation to the families in the breast of the community, to avoid the pregnancy in the adolescents and the accidents.

Camagüey exhibits today a rate of five smaller deceaseds for each 1 000 born alive, unquestionable achieve of this country - besieged and blocked by the most powerful power in the world -, in the protection to the first of the human rights that is the health, especially that of the mother and the boy. (Alex López Almaguer)

Camagüey enrolls for coming sugar campaign

Camagüey. Above 70 percent in its execution go the repairs of the sugar industry in this county of Camagüey, with the premise of beginning the harvest in the initial days of December, by the central Argentina, of the municipality of Florida, distant to some 40 kilometers of the provincial capital.

Also with step insurance go the enlistments in the small Siboney, of the municipality of Sibanicú, planned its campaign for December 15, with view to reissue its trustworthy acting of the harvest, and to continue in the national payroll of the most efficient.

Nevertheless, the strategy plan to accelerate the tasks in the genius Battles of the Guásimas, in Vertientes, what would facilitate, of being necessary, to integrate it to the war before the foreseen date.

It, would contribute to that pays to the commitment of Camagüey until the closing of the current year that represents 20 percent of the sugar that should process in Cuba.

The reception centers and cane benefit, decisive link in the sugar harvest, show an advance of 98 percent in indemnity, if one keeps in mind that enter in operations with the cuts of the gramineous one.

Not without setbacks, for the lack of some replacements and fundamental components, of difficult acquisition for the blockade, go in Camagüey the improvements of teams for the crop cañera, among them trucks, tows, locomotives, railroad boxcars, combined and alzadoras. (Pedro Paneque Ruiz).