domingo, 29 de agosto de 2010

Expresses gratefulness to Cuba a young of Green Cabo, graduated in Camaguey

Camaguey-Gratefulness to the Cuban Revolution from Minilita Paula Dos Santos, of Green Cabo, became public before representatives of numerous countries during the Night of the Solidarity, that weekly the Provincial Delegation of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Towns organizes (ICAP).

The letter, written by the young person before starting off for its country, expresses that in Cuba - and specifically in the Faculty of Technology of Health of Camaguey, not only learned professional questions, but also acquired deep revolutionary and human values.

In that context one remembered, in addition, anniversary 185 of the one of the Declaration of Independence of Uruguay, to which one talked about Marks Martinez, student of that South American nation and who attends the last year of the Medicine race.

To the closing of the past academic period in the province the graduated ones in the universities “Ignacio Agramonte” withdrew more than 150 foreign scholarship holders when adding, in the one of Medical Sciences “Carlos J. Finlay” and Pedagogical “Jose Martí”.

From now on those young people will become ambassadors of solidarity with Cuba in their respective nations. (Yamylé Fernandez)

Improve streets and highways of Camaguey

To start off of the next September, the brigade of avenues of the Engineering Construction Company (ECOING) No.15 will undertake the repair of important highways of provincial interest and the holes in streets of the city of Camaguey.

Leonardo García Jiménez architect , director of the organization of the Ministry of the Construction here, informed to Adelante that with cold asphalt mixture already “affected citadinas” execute the sellaje of the arteries, and in the second fortnight of the incoming month will initiate the earthwork in the aggravated sections of the highway of Lesca, that will be benefitted initially with inverted penetration for its paving when they have the quality asphalt 50-70, firmly deficit in the country.

In October, forces of ECOING 15 also will reclaim with inverted penetration the highway of Najasa, and Brigade 3 will finish to the three final kilometers of the route Guáimaro-Saint Miguel, action nonplanned for the present year and that will be possible when posponing itself for the successor the 2011 entrance of the abrecaminos to the rehabilitation of pedraplén Jigüey-Roman-Key Cross.

García Jiménez said that, in addition, the constructors will seal to cracks and pockets in the circunvalante of the provincial capital, although clarified that they will not take part in the roundhouses, required of resources of spread like the concrete and a complex road reordering.

“The province has three producing asphalt plants in operation: the one of Camaguey, with a good technical state; Villager, reinaugurada last December 5, and Flower of May, in Santa Cruz of the South, with a regular technical state, that will improve with own investments in coming October.

All mediates around 4 000 tons metric monthly”, extended the industralist of the MICONS. The Engineering Construction Company (ECOING) No.15 applies the System of Enterprise Improvement from the 2003. That year with 1 950 workers created values by 17 million weights and in the present one, with 300 constructors less, they will duplicate and plus the economic results. (Rolando Sarmiento Ricart)