jueves, 17 de septiembre de 2009

Cuba determined to protect the layer of ozone

In greeting to the World Day for the Protection of the Layer of Ozone that takes place this day, Cuba suppressed the imports of chlorfluorocarbons (CFC) and of methyl bromide, highly polluting substances.

The success facilitates to reduce in a gradual way and to eliminate harmful substances to the environment, Susan McDade asserted, representative resident of the Program of the United Nations for the Development (UNDP) in the Island who congratulated the administration of organisms and of 19 companies highlighted in this activity.

In the national act for the date, were stimulated by the Technical Office of the Ozone the ministries of the Revolutionary Armed forces, of the Interior, Agriculture, of the Nutritious Industry and of the Interior Trade.

The presentation of the book was among the activities made by the occasion "to Save the shield of the life" and of the multimedia "Cuba: to 20 years of the Protocol of Montreal."

This document was subscribed in that Canadian city by 24 nations, September 16 1987.

At the moment, it includes to 195 States, under the auspices of the Program of United Nations for the Environment (PNUMA).

The Protocol of Montreal controls 100 exhausting substances of the layer of ozone that have caused a hole in the Antarctica of 29 million square kilometers.(William Fernández )

Celebrate anniversary of Camagüey 49 of the Committees of Defense of the Revolution

This Saturday September 26, like part of the celebrations for the anniversary 49 of the Committees of Defense of the Revolution (CDR), will be carried out in the municipality of Camagüey a popular fair.

The sale of products nutritious and industrial will sesion in areas of the Country Casino, of the city provincial head, starting from nine in the morning of that own day.

In schedule nocturne the Night Camagüey will be developed, in all the neighborhoods, in which will get ready the traditional ajiaco that characterizes this celebration in the county.

During the whole month of September, in the territory of Camagüey, the same as in the whole country, have taken place dissimilar activities to celebrate the anniversary 49 of the biggest organization in masses of the country. (Mariela Peña Seguí)

Residents of the municipality of Camagüey of Nuevitas prepare their carnival

The Carnival 2009 will be developed in this municipality, located to the north of Camagüey, from 22 to next October 25, in accordance with the information given by the Organizing Commission of the popular celebration.

After being suspended last year by the damages that caused the hurricane Ike in this industrial territory, the revel will have the traditional processions, coaches, groceries sales and drinks, and the performance of national musical groups and of the county.

In the Carnival Nuevitas 2009 the areas Trail will work One in the street “Maximum Gómez”, Trail Two in the square 26 of Julio, the streets Havana and of the Fishing, and the little squares of the communities of Tarafa and San Agustín.

Also like part of the traditional popular party, the Infantile Carnival that so much likes the children of this city, it is foreseen for Sunday October 18, with the intervention of the different educational centers that will demonstrate as every year, diverse initiatives to achieve a show full with coloring and happiness.

The Five Heroes resistance examples, courage and dignity

The Five Heroes resistance examples, courage and dignity. Intervención of the delagade Resfel Pine Álvarez, under the topic 2 of the calendar: Inform of the Commissioned Discharge. 12 ordinary period of sessions of the Council of DD.HH. September 15, 2009 .

Mr. President:

Cuba associates fully with the intervention carried out by Egypt to name of the Movement of Not Aligned Countries, and sink to the gratefulness to the Commissioned Discharge for its detailed presentation carried out in the morning of today.

Mrs. Pillay has approached questions of great importance for the promotion and the protection of the human rights, included the necessity to put an end to all the discrimination forms; the promotion of the rights of the women, the migrants, the minorities, the natives and other vulnerable groups; the end of the violence; as well as the imperative of granting the priority that corresponds to the economic, social and cultural rights.

Are certainly topics in those which is even a lot to advance to achieve the full protection of all the human rights for all.

Mr. President:

Cuba values this debate space highly on the report of the Commissioned Discharge. It is for it that we will refer to a topic of crucial importance, on which the Office of the Commissioned Discharge is to the point, and to which the Cuban town grants a special priority. It is the situation of unjust incarceration in which are Gerardo Hernández Nordelo, Ramón Labañino Salazar, Antonio Guerrero Rodríguez, Fernando González Llort and René González Sehwerert, Five Cuban antiterrorist fighters who have turned already eleven years of prison in USA, and whose detention was declared arbitrary for the Group of Work on Arbitrary Detentions of this Council.

After a tortuous and arbitrary process, the past June 15 the Supreme Court of Justice of United States decided to ignore the universal clamor so that it revised the case. The judges preferred to make what the Government requested them and, without paying them attention some, ignored the solid arguments presented by the defense, as well as a dozen of support documents subscribed by ten honored personalities with the Prize Nobel, legislative organs, hundreds of parliamentarian, jurists' of numerous countries organizations, including United States, and personalities defenders of the human rights, academic, religious and others that represent to millions of people in all the Continents.

The Court authenticated an endless series of violations to the right and the legal procedures, and it was made accomplice of the promotion politics and help to the terrorism that has been and it is the substance of the enormous injustice of which are our victims Five countrymen.

The vengeful and unjust treatment against the Five also expands to its relatives who face countless obstacles to exercise its visit right. The most extreme case is that of Adriana Pérez and Olga Salanueva, wives of Gerardo and René to who have been denied the visa repeatedly to visit its husbands, under the most absurd pretexts, included the that “they constitute a threat for the national security of USA”. Difficult it is to understand what threat type two women would represent for the security of one of the most powerful empires known by the history.

In spite of the countless obstacles that are imposed, and of the absurdities and inhuman punishments of those that are victims, the Five continue offering to the world a resistance example and dignity, of principles and courage. Their cause is today that of millions in the world. Earlier than it takes their captores will have to listen the clamor of justice that every time with more force arrives from all the continents, and of sectors of the own North American town.

Works Company of Conservation and Restoration in Camagüey to perfect it work

Among the companies of Camagüey adscripted to the Council of the Provincial Administration that opt to establish the process of Managerial Improvement, is counted that of Conservation and Restoration, like one of those that bigger possibilities have to incorporate.

The most important step in this process, the certification of the accounting of the company, was already granted him, after the financial audit carried out by the Ministry of Finances and Prices.

At the moment the entity of Camagüey is in the total revision of the diagnosis to present the file that will open the way to the process of managerial improvement.

The System of Managerial Administration will allow to the restoring grouping to win in effectiveness and in efficiency, at the same time that to improve the attention to the man and to achieve bigger organization and independence. Based on it setting-up already work.

The Managerial Improvement is a system that transforms the organization and economic address, and that has been valued as the deepest and transcendent change that has taken place in the Cuban economy.

Under this premise works today the Company of Conservation and Restoration of the Office of the Historian of the City of Camagüey, with the objective of incorporating to this renovating system of the economy. (Mariela Peña Seguí)