miércoles, 25 de noviembre de 2009

Plastic arts with young soul

By:Yuldys Márquez Díaz \Televisión Camagüey

In Camagüey took place the sixth room of students of art academies. 26 works competed in modalities like picture, installation, painting, drawing, sculpture and video art.

Miguel Arturo Sardui, plastic student of arts in the school of Instructors of Art of Camagüey assures that this is a fundamental moment to evaluate and to share approaches with students of the whole country. On the other hand Guillermo Betancourt Curador of the exhibition, in its words to the catalog commented:
“Traditionally, the room of Students has been a necessary space for the complete development in the formation of the plastic artists in the making. Is it known that the relationship of any work, in the moment of its learning, with certain spheres at social level, takes implicit a forsoza? distrust, because, in the case already peculiar of the plastic arts, is it very strange that to the work a significant currículum is added that prestigie certain samples. Although, at first sight, this would be a ballast for the artist, in fact, due to the challenge level that implies, becomes a healthy advantage for the participants that should face the challenge of an admission jury, and the recognition that, at any rate, it implies the presentation of their works in public.”

The academy of the Arts Vicentina de la Torre, headquarters of the student event, showed in exhibition representative works of the chore developed by professors and students.

Cuban agriculture will grow in more than 600 thousand hectares

By:Alfredo Carralero Hernández

The municipality of Camagüey stands out especially in this novel program.

Cuba will incorporate starting from January next 600 thousand new hectares to the production of foods by means of the program of the suburban Agriculture, highlighted today Adolfo Rodríguez, boss of the National group of that front.

[The municipality of Camagüey stands out especially in this novel program.]

In an encounter with producers and directive of the system of the agriculture in the county of Holguín, Rodríguez meant that it is an initiative to bring near more, to the municipal and provincial heads, those feasible lines of taking place with a better employment of the resources.

He highlighted the previous work that develop the 17 municipalities pilot in the country to undertake the program, especially that of Camagüey that applies for seven months first experiences about this form of exploiting the lands.

This new procedure, indicated, part of the creation of near properties to the urban areas - as basic concept - and it is based in the diversification of the most varied possible agricultural productions, as cow milk, meat of smaller livestock, viandas and fruit-bearing, among others.

Others of the principles that will distinguish to the suburban agriculture, Rodríguez argued, will be the proximity from the areas of cultivations to the consumers, increment of the force of animal traction, a system of more agile commercialization and the saving of fuels.

This agriculture form, pointed, has to be developed starting from the interests and necessities of each territory, so that the productions flow in the smallest possible time, breaking all burocratism, outlines or obstacles.

The municipalities that will enter in this program in January are, Guantánamo, Santiago de Cuba, Palma Soriano, Bayamo, The Tunas, Holguín, Ciego de Ávila, Cabaiguán, Santa Clara, Cienfuegos, Colón, Cotorro, Bejucal, San José de la Lajas, Artemisa and Pinar del Río, besides the surroundings of New Gerona.

The setting in practice of this agricultural modality is inserted in the country after the 15 years of positive experiences in the development of the urban agriculture, dedicated to the cultivation of vegetables, programs to the front of which Rodríguez has remained.

Jamaicans reject blockade imposed by the United States to Cuba

In multiple occasions the Jamaican town has shown its support to Cuba, and now the Movement of Solidarity with the Island in that country approved a resolution of rejection to the blockade imposed by United States.

In the annual meeting of the integral organizations of that Movement, taken place in Kingston, a document was also emitted that demands the immediate liberation of The Five Cuban antiterrorists confined wrongly in North American jails, refers this Wednesday Granma Newspaper.

The Cuban ambassador Yuri Gala and Yamil Martínez, official of the Association of Friendship Cuba-Jamaica, thanked the expression of those groupings, among those that figure chapter of Kingston, Yes Cuba, we will Conquer and the Group of Friendship of Portland.

In published declarations this month in the Jamaican newspaper The Observer, Gala expressed that the commercial, economic and financial blockade of United States against Cuba is the longest and cruel that country some has suffered.

Equally he underlined that Jamaica has shown a consistent back against that unjust and absurd measure, in spite of the political party that is to the government's front.

School of Economy of Camagüey will surrender homage to the workers of the sector

Diverse activities will take place next Thursday in the Polytechnic Institute of Economy Cándido González Morales, of Camagüey, to celebrate November 26 the Day dedicated to the workers of that sector.

The date surrenders homage to equal date of 1959, when the Commandant Ernesto Che Guevara was designated president of the National Bank of Cuba .

In that facility of Camagüey course studies at the moment more than thousand young, in the specialties of Economy and Accounting, as informed Regla María Hernández Cordero,its directress.

The polytechnicof Camagüey was, in 1959, the first educational center of the country that received the name of a martyr of the Cuban Revolution. (Mariela Peña Seguí)