jueves, 4 de febrero de 2010

Camagüey honors its best children

The professor Antonio Márques Guillén, Doctor in Medical Sciences and Boss of the National Program of Diabetes and Pregnancy and Luis Orlando Rodríguez García, Member of the Revolutionary Directory, received the distinction of Illustrious Children of the city of Camagüey, in the solemn ceremony made today in the Square of the General bigger Revolution Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz.

Next to the honorable citizens and as recognition, it honors and stimulus to their revolutionary and civic trajectory, as well as to the contributions to the culture villager, the Distinction 496 anniversary of the foundation of the city of Camagüey, was given to the writer Juan Ramírez Pellerano, to the Main theater and the orchestra Modern Rhythm.

Other 95 people, men and women of the town were equally grateful with the merit 496, including the Territorial Agency Transval, the University of Medical Sciences Carlos J. Finlay, the University of Camagüey and the Basic Unit of Cooperative Production, The Union.

The imposition of these disitintions occupies an important space in every Week of the Culture, event that coincides with the aniverasary of our city and that it is, in fact, the most important party in the arts in the city.(Eduardo Rodríguez)

Camagüey opened a space for the commercial exchange

The tenth third edition of exhibitions of Camagüey, EXPOCAM 2010, welcomes from this Wednesday in the Cultural Recreational Complex Casino,-in the head city , to more than 40 entities of the region and of other Cuban counties, besides four branches of signatures foreigners.

In the context of the celebrations for the anniversary 496 of the Villa of Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe, the event is considered as the most important commercial bag in the county, and has as essential objective the exchange among comercializers, the signature of contracts among these and the exhibition of Cuban products that substitute imports.

Eduardo Cueto, territorial delegate of the Commerce Camagüey-Ciego de Ávila, when leaving open the sample up to February seven, recognized the impact of the world crisis on countries like ours and the affectations of the meteorological phenomena during the last years, questions overcome with genius, saving and efficiency by diverse sectors of the Cuban economy.

For Cuba we save, let us diversify the exports and let us increase the substitution of imports, it is the premise that encourages the exhibitors of the Island in branches key as the computer science and the communications; the sideromechanic; the construction; the slight, nutritious industries, and sugar bowl; the agriculture, and the tourism. (Alexei Nápoles and Dayneris Torres)

A giant dream for Camagüey

With the develation of the giant cloth doll Leonor, merit of the handmade artistic work of the community project Carsueños that directs Carmen Soto, the Square of the Workers became one of the spaces of more concurrence during the Week of the Culture ofCamagüey, day that celebrates the 496 anniversary of the foundation of the Villa Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe up to February 7.

Inspired in the black doll of Piedad, of The Age of Gold, the enormous handmade making—sewn by thirteen women of the project—it required more than 2 000 pounds of filler, around 300 meters of black cloths , white, red and blue, 25 rope meters, 15 rolls without stopping, and ten months of uninterrupted work. The task, with idea and original design of the own Carmen, it is dedicated mainly to the children and all the inhabitants of the community, collaborators and members of Carsueños that, with own efforts, were able to materialize to great scale one of their biggest challenges.

Although at the beginning it seemed almost impossible, to see it in the Square moves and it is touching, admit Leonor's makers agents who with their tri-colored Cuban robe, their gigantic braids and the impressive precision of their proportions, has become the big daughter of the house of the puppets.

Carsueños, inmerse in the wide cultural community movement of the city of agramonte, is one of the sociocultural projects centered in potentiate the development of the artistic manifestations and the well-being in the inhabitants of the community. With the support of the Provincial Center of Houses of Culture, this type of ambition has had excellent results in the thirty and a houses of culture of the thirteen municipalities of the county. Excellence groups like Maraguán, the theatrical project . La Andariega for children and young, and some more recent ones in combination with other institutions like the therapeutic method of Equinotherapy for children with mental delay, and glass Prints, work with vitrals to rescue the artistic patrimony in glass and metal of the county, they constitute examples of a consolidated technical and methodological work.

As Isis Betancourt to,, boss of the Department of Artistic and Literary Creation, explains more than 10 000 fans plays the cultural life in the communities of Camagüey in spite of the few resources, "of there the social impact that has this giant doll, the most important paper has had the families and the inhabitants that have sustained the project from the point of having seen spiritual and material."

Without doubts, the shortage has potenciated the creativity and for the cultural growing movement of fond of the country, Leonor, the black doll, is a symbol that confirms that from its magnitudes the imagination and the perseverance overcome to any difficulty.(Amelia Duarte de la Rosa )