domingo, 20 de septiembre de 2009

Juan Esteban,his friends and the peace

By:Ernesto Pantaleón Medina

He was born in a country signed for the violence, the wars entity those "bosses" of the drug and between these and the police; maybe for such reasons his supreme yearning is the peace and requests that, arrived the moment of the departure without return, the cause is the love.

A good day, being a hardly 9 year-old boy, seized the guitar and, without loosing it until today, there is "bombarded' to everybody with songs that speak of the relationship among even, of the tolerance and of the faith in a better world.

Not for pleasure, the music's legendary figure that inspired him to rip the first chords, was Silvio Rodríguez, with its load of deeply human poetry; and of the author's hand of "Blue Unicorn and I give You a song", transported by the muses and the staff, he knew Cuba, a small archipelag where the respect to our fellow men is learned and law.

Here, like in all the places that he has stepped with his globetrotter plant, he extended his cheerful and kind hand, and he made friends: Amaury, Carlos, Formel, and so many others that I eat Olga Tañón, Danny Rivera or Miguel Bossé, although they have been born in other latitudes, they carry the same feelings and they accompany him in this song without opposite neither obstacles to the biggest aspiration in the men and women of well: the peace.

They don't care the barks of this or of that, neither the zeal manipulator of some means that attempt politize until the culture, and lie knowingly that it is not possible to deceive in the entire world to millions.

Closed applauses, and a very strong hug, for you, Juan Esteban, and your friends that are ours stops..

With Juanes today in the Havanan Square of the Revolution

By:Enrique Atiénzar Rivero

The concert Peace without Opposite, is already a reality.

After the sure performance of Juanes in Havana, the Cuban American mafia of Miami didn't have left another option that to look for new and bankrupt “arguments” to discredit the II Concert Peace Without Opposite, signal for today in the Havanan Square of the Revolution “José Martí”

The autotitled defenders of the democracy in Cuba, from autopunishment positions manufactures lies and use media to their service to promote that the Security of the State here harasses “to about 10 dissidents Havanan and several youths with criminal records so that they don't go to the concert.”

What contradiction! They speak that in Cuba most of the town is not with the Revolution, and they appeal to a ridiculous figure of mercenary suppositions or ragamuffin that would look for to hinder the concert.

That atmosphere of political pressure, as classified few hours ago the “noted” activist of Human rights Elizardo Sánchez, is apocryphal. He shelters the mistaken hope of a return from Cuba to the years previous to 1959.

That is to say, to go back everywhere to the time of barefoot children, full with parasites, of abandoned old men and without social security, to the rate of 60 deceaseds' infantile mortality or more for each thousand born alive against one of around 5, in spite of the genocidist economic, commercial and financial blockade from United States against the bigger than the Antilles.

Elizardo Sánchez is a cynic . He mentions in his declarations, diffused in Miami that among the opposed young suppositions to the concert are several with criminal records, in fact natural allies of the counterrevolution.

Foreign agencies of press attack Cuba for the impossibility of having appropriate lights to offer the show in schedule nocturne because the cost and the transportation from the United States didn't allow it. They make absolute silence of the impact on the criminal's Cuban economy and genocidist North American blockade that it looks for to kill for hunger and illnesses to the Cuban town.

Neither a single word of the time difference with Europe and of the hours of duration neither of the kindness of the social project of this Island. Perhaps be comprehensible because the “press freedom” there it is so strong that if to some of those “journalists to salary” were happened to say the truth, would not last one minute in the work position.

Many of those “news” that are read in the cables are part of the mounted gossip to give a chaos image in Cuba before, I reiterate, the inobjetable presentation of Juanes.

Olga Tañón opened II Concert Peace Without Opposite in Havana

The popular Puerto Rican vocalist Olga Tañón opened the II Concert Peace Without Opposite that has place in the Square of the Cuban Revolution, where are given appointment hundred of people's thousands.

With the charisma that characterizes it, the grateful merenguer, escorted by the rest of the artists, entered in the scenario and said that together they are already making history and she sent a message of love, peace and fraternity to everybody.

Us, she said, we have a single purpose to sing to the peace without opposite.

The historical esplanade where officiate his mass the Pope Juan Pablo II in 1998 welcomes to the megaconciert that, in five hours of duration as is considered, it will also include the Colombian Juanes, promoter of this noble initiative.

In a same way to the Spanish Miguel Bosé, Victor Manuel and Luis Eduardo Aute, the Italian Jovanotti, the Puerto Rican Danny Rivera and the grouping Cuban-Venezuelan Cuckoo Diamonds and Yerbabuena.

The Cuban Silvio Rodríguez will also be presented , Amaury Pérez, X Alfonso, Carlos Varela, The Orishas and the orchestra The Van Van.

Prolonged ovations welcomed to the Tañón, without a doubt a star boricua that all that sings the transforms into success, as well as to all the participants in this party for the peace and the solidarity.

This Monday 21 will take place in the world the international Day of the Peace, instituted by United Nations, and from this concert already points to its transcendency.(Idania Rodríguez Echevarría )

Wide journalistic covering will have concert for the peace

More than a hundred journalists of informative means of Latin America, United States, Europe and Asia arrived to this capital, to give covering today at the II concert Peace without Opposite.
Rubén García Abelenda, subdirector of the International Center of Press, declared to the AIN that the figure doesn't include to those near 160 credited foreign correspondents in a permanent way in Havana who will also report the details of the show.

Among the means that will give covering to the concert it mentioned to chains televisors like the CNN of United States, and the main of Ecuador, Mexico and Colombia, besides radio radio stations, newspapers and agencies of news of many parts of the world.

The official remarked that in spite of the complexity of the show to the journalists have been created the facilities for his work and even, to scarce meters of the tribune where the artists will act, have an area from which will be able to transmit live and in direct the details.

García Abelenda specified that the representatives of the press have also consisted in the Havanan streets, in the own Square of the Revolution José Martí, where will be the concert, the affection and hospitality of the town toward the invited artists, and the coincidence of opinions in that a true party will become for the peace.

In five hours is considered its duration, and like has been informed next to the Colombian Juanes will act the Spanish Miguel Bosé, Victor Manuel and Luis Eduardo Aute, the Italian Jovanotti, the Puerto Rican Danny Rivera and the Cuban-Venezuelan grouping Cuckoo Diamonds and Yerbabuena.

Also in the concert Silvio Rodríguez will be presented , Amaury Pérez, X Alfonso, Carlos Varela, The Orishas and the orchestra The Van Van.(Fidel Rendón)

It will be a town party the concert Peace without opposite

Abel Acosta, president of the Music Cuban Institute, qualified like a town party and a song to the solidarity and the fraternity the concert Peace without Opposite that will have place today in this capital.

In exclusive declarations to the AIN in the Square of the Revolution José Martí, scenary of the show, said that it will also constitute a message to the world of what is worth and it is the Cuban town, besides valuing of excellent the festival atmosphere created by these days in Havana.

People are happy and the artists (foreigners headed by Juanes) very happy of being here, of the treatment, of the familiarity and the affection that Cuba has offered them, Acosta specified who affirmed that the victory or the success of the concert Peace without Frontiers are unavoidable.

Hundred of Havanan and tourists converged the eve to the rehearsals in the Square of the Revolution, where in a spontaneous way shouted figures and groups like the Puerto Rican Olga Tañón and Orishas in Cuba, while technicians and specialists carried out the tests of audio or sound and of radial and television trasmisions.

In declarations to the press Juanes has pointed out that this concert "it is a humanitarian expression. We need to foment the hope and the dream. The art has to be a powerful arm of peace, above differences."(Fidel Rendón)

Peace without Opposite: The concert of the century

From two o'clock and up to seven o'clock, hour of Cuba, the so prospective will begin in Havana concert Peace without Opposite, promoted by the popular cantauthor Juanes.

The Square of the Revolution José Martí is already ready to receive to the Cuban town that will congregate to listen and why not to dance the topics that the Colombian and his companies have prepared.

This Sunday afternoon is special and in the rest of the Island the televisions will reflect all that will go happening, because already everything is clever for the live transmission of the "concert of the century" as the Puerto Rican Olga Tañón called it , in charge of the opening of the show, which will interpret anthological topics of its repertoire.

In the concert Peace Without Opposite that will be carried out as celebration of the World Day of the Peace, artists of grateful talent like Amaury Pérez will participate(Cuba), Danny Rivera (Puerto Rico), Cuckoo Diamond and Yerbabuena (Cuba-Venezuela), Juan Fernando Velasco (Ecuador), Jovanotti (Italy) and Juanes (Colombia).

They will also intervene Luis Eduardo Aute, Miguel Bosé and Victor Manuel (of Spain), besides Orishas, Silvio Rodríguez, Van Van, Carlos Varela and X Alfonso, of Cuba.

From already regressive count for the mega concert of Juanes and his companies who will sing for the Peace without Opposite. (Wendy González Pantaleón)

Jurists of Camagüey denounce outrages in the event of the Five Heroes

The Union of Jurists of Cuba, in the county of Camagüey, takes numerous tasks directed to denounce the illegal followed process against Antonio, Gerardo, Ramón, René and Fernando, the Five Heroes prisoners of the empire.

Among the activities of the members of the organization they stand out, you confer with thematic referred to the Challenges and Challenges of the enemy's Penal Right and the solidarity of important personalities and institutions of the world with the Cuban antiterrorists.

Also inside the Chapter of Humanitarian International Right, numerous topics were treated, directed to denounce the impartialities of the judges in the case of The Five.

In the municipalities of Camagüey the lawyers, judges, fiscal, advisory, and workers of the dependences of the judicial system, also disclose in their communities topics referred to the Cuban antiterrorists. (Orlando de la Cruz Barbán)

Van Van-Juanes against bang, bang

By:Rolando Sarmiento Ricart

The music is universal, transcends languages, connects souls and until the most belligerent in the world gives at some time before its songs or rhythms; however the Concert Without Opposite of the Colombian star of rock, Juanes and his companies, today in the Square of the Revolution José Martí, in Havana, Cuba, caused two very different explosions:

In the Island headquarters of the musical event, Cuban of dissimilar likes and preferences applaud the event from San Antonio End until Maisí, with the intense happiness and respect like will beat hands when opens the artistic veiled the Puerto Rican Olga Tañón`s unmistakable merenguera voice and continue voices, songs and chords being spread to the world by the waves satelitals of Cubavisón.

They are, in the great majority, young whose culture allows them to appreciate and to enjoy the good music in a country of high international level in the different artistic goods - that nobody doubts it -, for it, thousands will go to the square starting from two in today's afternoon, and millions, sat down in their homes, won't get lost a detail of the performances, also, of the Spanish Miguel Bosé, Victor Manuel and Eduardo Aute, the Puerto Rican Danny Rivera, the Ecuadorian Juan Fernando Velasco and the Italian Jovanotti.

Certainly, those of house are a gentleman blunderbuss that any Cuban neither foreigner will want to get lost: Silvio Rodríguez, Amaury Pérez, Carlos Varela, Orishas, X Alfonso and the Van Van.

The repercussion in Cuba is of love, of joy, of to learn and to teach the true reality that here one lives that is not the same one that the stateless persons and frustrated proclaim with rage and impotence. The young today many will go of white as the symbolic dove of the peace, but the red and blue colors of the free flag and sovereign that waves will also dress solitary as wanted to see the poet Bonifacio Byrne.

It resonates this way the concert among the Cubans - still without beginning - of Juanes and his companies; on the other hand, in Miamí, a defiant and Fascist minority from the first indication of the concert in Havana, threatened to Juanes and its family, hammered songs in the public road, spilled rage and smeared political resentments of lies and cultural ignorance, transmitted to the world in furious and vengeful images.

This late-night, when the historical Square of the Revolution José Martí is in silence and the Havanan streets murmur and comment the successful quality of the Concert Juanes Without Opposite, the Van Van of the purity will have won to the bang - bang of the flashes, of the bombs, of the death that need thousands of concerts like this to end up for always with the wars and the militarized frontiers.

Juanes with the shirt of the reason

By:Olga Lilia Vilató

A lot of concern, too much for our pleasure, to be more explicit have had the grupusculs that don't cease, clear if make run out of the entrance of easy money, of trying to discredit all the related with the Cubans of here, to that majority of those more than eleven millions that we have decided to live and to die here proud of our social system.

The own international agencian, until in writings presented in the digital Herald of Miami, where live to the hunt until of what doesn't exist in Cuba, they have qualified acting of those people of the third age, but without Alzheimer, as acts of anger, and when we consult among the synonyms of this meaning we find: fury, rages, cholera, flare, bitterness, hate and violence, notice this last one well: violence.

It is certain that for reasons equis all the Cubans not have access to Internet, but if the opposite happened, would be openmouthed of the atrocities and lies of those that take hold to impede that humans in the flesh as us take off that bandage of the eyes that themselves (the rabid ones) have placed them to subsist economically above other, with the help of the story.

There would be this way with the mouth, the eyes and opened good if they could read so much ignominy as it hardly happened some hours ago, when “we enjoy” of the declarations of a virtuous Cuban, formed musician, lover and spoiled here and that from there said so many lies that we end up believing until in the story of Pinochio and that their nose would break the screens of the televisions of the Big Island.

Of course, so bad basted are their lies that when the visitors, as the case that occupies us, face with the truth, our truth, to them is to who we have to close them the mouth because are not explained the reason of so much infamy.

One of the holders of the mentioned digital publication said: Juanes has the black, white and red shirt. Here we would like more to label this way : Juanes takes himself the shirt of the reason, not only of the peace.

In spite of the rage and hysteria in Miami, Juanes and company will sing in Havana

By: Oreidis Pimentel Pérez

Thousands of Havanan finished seeing for television the baseball party between Cuba and Holland and already many grabir botles of water to leave rapid in route to the enormous Square of the Revolution to support the intense heat while the songs of Juanes, Miguel Bosé and Olga Tañón among others.

In other regions of the country the youngest hope it is time to sit down in front of the small screen and other, those of more age, will maybe know the Colombian singer's music that so much commotion wakes up inside and outside of Cuba.

They not even lack the students that 500 kilometers traveled to listen to their musical idols and that call or send electronic mail to inform to their families: “It is very hot but the city is already people's hervider that single speech of Juanes, the Tañón and other more artists. It will be fantastic. Then I send them the pictures”, this way review a young art student that traveled in car from Camagüey to alone Havana to witness the live concert next to some friends.

His grandfather at home emphasizes: “I don't understand why undertook against the Colombian Juanes. I find natural that are carried out concerts in Cuba and although I don't listen music of that type single memory of him a that my granddaughter always sings: I have the black shirt. Until me I will see the concert to finally see that has of bad that music and to see if I understand the why of so much scandal in Miami. I believe that that is good to have a good time to the youth.”

“Peace without opposite”, title of the multinational presentation, will be a really incredible opportunity to see Miguel Bosé together, Luis Eduardo Aute, Victor Manuel, Jovanotti, Silvio Rodríguez, Juan Fernando Velasco, Carlos Varela, Orishas and X Alfonso.

Although the sun and the humidity of a coastal city as Havana cause the almost instantaneous perspiration, public's calculations could stay below the since reality in several occasions the esplanade concentrated very high people's figures during acts and commemorative marches.

Already everything is clever, anything will be able to against the concert that has a technical insurance of horns and tables of sound of first level, but, the rhetoric against Peace without opposite outside of Cuba, now assumes the posture of the repression inside the circuit.

It will be very difficult to believe the consistent miamense version in that inside a lot of town the authorities would take charge of to veil and to capture to the dissident calls that excessively don't represent a nurtured and representative group, but similar arguments were used prior to affirming that during the political congregations more than a million Cubans attended for intimidation and repression.

Still when the aggressions continue against Juanes, the show will be seen in dozens of countries of Hispanic speech and until the tourists of the Havanan hotel net favorable opinions of the multitudinary scenary will be taken.

Alone there are hours to listen the artists and in Cuba everything continues equally: the youths from Havana will be disputed a place and in the rest of the country the television will give the sole right of the prospective concert.

A song for the peace

By: Luis Naranjo

Hardly some hours to give beginning to the concert Peace without Opposite, the enthusiasm among the Cuban and here in Camagüey, mainly in the youth, cannot be bigger.

And it is that the cast that will be presented starting from two in the afternoon of this Sunday in the Square of the Revolution in the capital of the country is deluxe.

Summoned by the winner of several Granmy, the Colombian Juanes, the public will be able to enjoy the Spanish Miguel Bosé`s performances and Victor Manuel, the Puerto Rican Olga Tañón and Dany Rivera, among other foreign artists, while for the Cuban part are distinguished Silvio, Amaury, X Alfonso, Carlos Varela and the famous group the Van Van, among others.

In having traveled by the streets of Camagüey, we appreciated the population's interest for the concert, robbed of political vestiges, because as organizers have disclosed, it is to sing to the peace and the towns, to the love, to the life, to the future.

The student Sandra Cervantes Chávez, of the Pedagogic Superior Institute expressed: "In my house we wait with longings the concert, because from the smallest until the adults are lovers to the music and this will be good music, we applaud the decision of transmitting live that event and it is difficult that there is in this region an out television."

And Sandra is right, the same as dozens of youngs of Camagüey with those that dialogue concerning this cultural event, because to gather artists of Olga Tañón size, Miguel Bosé, Silvio and the Van Van, is certainly a gift for any fond of the good art.

Although enemies of the Cuban Revolution, especially those "worms" of Miami have wanted to politizer this encounter and to avoid that the concert is propitiated, the conditions are created in our country to receive the valiant artists and to appreciate the quality of their interpretations.

Disciplines, organization, happiness, respect, is what characterizes to this town, expert of the good music and willing to carry out how many Peace without Opposite concert, because we demonstrate to the world that we really profess the fraternity, solidarity, friendship. The answer of the Cubans in this concert won't be another that of love to the peace.