viernes, 16 de octubre de 2009

Uses works the combined folkloric of Camaguey for its 18 years of created

By: Aymeé Amargós \ Televisión Camagüey

"Ancestros", allegorical piece to the formation of the national culture from the perspective of the spiritism

In the piece bembé 10 different ways of expression of the yoruba culture are represented in the Cuban santery.

Suffiring, dance of the suffir with a strong exercise of the rhythmic.

The community possesses a rich experience in the world of the show

Concludes Festival of the Written Press in Camagüey

By:LuciloTejera Díaz

With the suggestion of the readers that the journalistic work resembles the reality, it concluded today after three days of activities the VIII Festival of the Written Press in the county of Camagüey.

Julio Cesar García, first secretary of the Party in the territory, in the conclusions of the Festival called to the journalists to elevate the individual and collective preparation to make a more efficient press.

It stood out the importance of the acting of these professionals in well of the town, to which not only transmit information, but also education, values, culture, moral and makes aware.

One of the main achievements of the event was the consultation with the addressees of the chore of the means of the territory, starting from the opinion of students and workers of the schools of the Party and Military Camilo Cienfuegos and of personal of the Alimentary Company.

The general birdcall was that the press reflects the time in all its shades and arrive to the root of the wrongs that suffer to the society.

The written press in Camagüey develops the Adelante newspaper, with 50 years of circulation, and the journalists direction of the Agency of National Information (AIN), Latin Presses , Granma and Juventud Rebelde.

During the realization of the event, it was also made, a shop in the rural community of Vilató, in the mountain of Cubitas, about the list of the means starting from the positions of the Cuban recent President's speeche Raúl Castro.

A jury integrated by professionals of the newspaper now!, of the county of Holguín, granted prizes in several goods summoned to competition, in which journalists of the mentioned means and students of the career of Journalism of the University of Camagüey participated.

The festivals in all the territories of the country are hall of the national , which will take place in City of Havana in the first days of the coming December.

UN vs. vetusto Blockade

By :Noel Manzanares Blanco

Surely, the next October 29, once again, the General Assembly of the Organization of the United Nations (UN) will reject the criminal Block imposed by the Imperial Eagle to the Green Cayman. Reason have more than enough for such a verdict.

It is certain that the Administration of Barack Obama announced last April measured to suppress some of the most brutal actions in Bush's régime, the son that you/they prohibited to Cuban residents in the United States (EE. UU.) the possibility to visit and of sending help without limitations to its relatives in Cuba.

Without place to doubts, these measures constitute a positive step and, at the same time, extremely limited and insufficient. For example, that announced included the authorization so that American companies carry out certain operations of telecommunications with Cuba, but without modifying other restrictions that impede its application.

As if it was little, the acts shine for its absence directed to that the yank government puts an end to the shameless and extended practice of robbing Cuban funds frozen in North American banks and other goods, to the help of venal judges's orders that violate their own laws.It is grieve a sample.

Cuba has reiterated in diverse scenaries that the President of EE. UU., in spite of the existence of laws like the Torricelli and the Helms-Burton, conserves wide executive abilities, as the licenses, by means of which could modify the application of the Blockade.

If a true will of change, the government of the North existed it could authorize the export of goods and Cuban services to the United States and vice versa, amen of allowing us to acquire in any part of the world a product that contains components or North American technology, with independence of its mark or origin.

Also, you could suspend the prohibition to crafts of third countries of robbing in American ports up to 180 days after having played a Cuban port, and to grant green light so that their citizens, by means of licenses, they can travel to Cuba - only country of the world thatthem prohíbit to visit.

Also, the Department of the Treasure could abstain of pursuing, to freeze and to confiscate the transfers of third countries in American dollars and other currencies, directed to entities and national Cuban; and parallelly to suspend the persecution to the companies and financial entities that trade and operate with Cuba.

The own Department of the Treasure has informed that almost half of the money collected by its Office of Control of Foreign Assets starting from January of 2009, it came from the sanctions applied American companies and foreigners by supposed violations of the economic Blockade against Cuba.

Unequivocally it confirms the lack of a true will of change, a cable of EFE dated in Washington the past September 15, in which it gives faith that the president of EE. UU., Barack Obama, the politics of Blockade continues to its predecessors' Cuba, with the extension of the sanctions of the Law against the Trade with the Enemy.

According to that agency of Spanish press, the White House informed in a concise official statement that Obama subscribed before four days a memo to the secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and the holder of the Treasure, Tim Geithner, in which affirms that "the continuation during one year of these relating measures to Cuba suits to the national interests of United States."

It is worth to remember that the Law against the Trade with the Enemy dates of 1917, it was approved with a view to the entrance of United States in the First World War and prohíbit that the American signatures trade with countries that consider hostile. It is the same one that was used in 1963 to impose the Economic Guerra formally vs. Cuba.

Then, the certain and unquestionable fact is that the Executive present of the "jumbled and brutal North" he/she remains without assisting the overwhelming birdcall of the international community, expressed in the General Assembly of the most universal world forum for almost two decades, so that puts on end to the Blockade against Cuba. Another point happens regarding our Five Heroes.

As Iexpressed to few days of the last presidential elections in the neighboring nation of the North, "the question that jumps visible is if the projected changes - with and without quotation marks - that Barack Hussein Obama promulgates would be able to eliminate the influence of the extreme yank right and its allies from the Florida. The possible answer: if he was able to crown a politics civilized toward the Cuban nation, in that context it would charge force the denominated rail two (the dressed Wolf of Red Cap - like the Socialism collapsed in the former Soviet Union). therefore, a relative rupture of the Made is glimpsed in it USES and an absolute continuity of the intent of disassembling our revolutionary Homeland and socialist."

Anyway, I want to exclaim: Hopefully a new condemnation of the General Assembly of the UN to the longest Blockade that registers the History and that it heads USA, be recepcioned in correspondence with the universal birdcall!