lunes, 30 de agosto de 2010

Pedagogic University of Camagüey will guarantee a good school course

Camagüey, 30 Aug. - The University of Pedagogic Sciences “José Martí", of Camagüey, is under conditions of beginning the school course with students' guarantee in classrooms, and of the cloister of educational entire, aspects included in the strategies for the effectiveness of the educational methodological work.

The registration of the regular daily overcomes the two thousand students, while for workers the figure is duplicated when receiving the present teaching in the central headquarters and in the branches of Camagüey, Florida, Guáimaro and Sierra de Cubitas.

In the central headquarters will receive classes students of first to third year, included 72 foreign students of 32 nations of África, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

In the first two years all the careers will be contained, while the third will only carry out the educational ones in formation in Special Teaching, Logopedia, Psychology-pedagogy and Foreign Languages. The rest of the registration is universalized, next to room and fifth years.

At the moment the material bases of study are completed and of life in moments in that are defined the internal structures of the central headquarters and the municipal pedagogic branches.

The Pedagogic of Camagüey intervened in the integration of the cloister of professors of the School “Enrique José Varona”-of that specialty - that reopens its doors, and shows a favorable situation for the beginning of the school course. (Aramis González Cruz)