viernes, 29 de octubre de 2010

Fix in Cuba new residential electric rates

Havana - New electric rates were established in the residential sector for the consumers of more than 300 kilowatt/hour monthly.

Granma newspaper explains that will begin to be applied to the consumption that is carried out in the second pay period of coming November.

Such and as usually happens, the Electric Union will register this expense in the reading of the meter count during the second pay period of the following month - in this case, December -, so the corresponding collection will become effective in January of the 2011.

The one mentioned newspaper specifies that this measure, which doesn't affect to 94,4 percent of the homes, has as purpose to stimulate the saving.

It refers that it involves those that spend more than 300 kilowatt/hour (kwh), which constitute today 5,6 percent and consume 14,4 percent of the electricity of the residential sector.

In the period lapsed from the last modification of the residential electric rate in November of the 2005, the price average of the petroleum was increased from 56 to 78 dollars the barrel.

It has provoked a considerable growth in the costs of the electricity and in consequence an increase of the subsidies of the State.

In Cuba more than 50 percent of the fuel that wastes away every year is dedicated to the electricity generation.

While the state sector has diminished the consumption with regard to the 2009 in more than 10 percent, the rhythm in the residential one continues in ascent, for what is necessary a more rational use of that energy.

The fixed current rate of 1.30 cents for those who consume of 301 until more than five thousand kwh modifies in the following way:

The consumption 301 at 350 the kwh settles down to 1.50 cents; of 351 at 500 the cost becomes of 1.80 cents the kwh; of 501 at thousand will be paid to reason of two pesos the kwh; the one of thousand 001 at five thousand notices three pesos the kwh; and more than five thousand will charge to five pesos the kwh.

New expo of Manual Arts in Museum Native House of Ignacio Agramonte

Camagüey - Domain of the technique, beauty and elegance together with the utilitarian function are the characteristics of those more than 30 pieces, knitted by hand, exposed in Ignacio Agramonte `s Native House, since October 27 until the month of November.

Their authors belong to the community cultural Project, directed by the artisan Reyna Casamayor, began two years ago and resides in this central museum of the city of Camagüey, some 30 members meet every Wednesday, in hours of the morning, to give loose rein to a popular art practiced by our grandmothers, but abandoned, for the modern technologies.

"We have begun this project in the House Fifth Amalia Simoni almost for two years, but it was decaying. For luck, the museologist Maritza Walls, of the Native House, welcomed us and here we are working, with a lot of enthusiasm, due to what one is knowing the group and are no longer retired only, but workers and young.

"We have the objective of carrying out personal and collective exhibitions where our works can be appreciated with the techniques from the fabric to the crochet, with two needles and the miñardi.

"In September we made a presentation in Television Camagüey, with an exhibition of fashions and we knew that it liked a lot, from then on the applications to integrate our Project have increased.

"Another reason to feel happy is that a member of the group, Raquel Ching, obtained a mention in the specialty of fabric of handbags in the exhibition of the Living room of the Cuban Association of Artisans Artists (ACAA), here in the city.

"We aspire to consolidate the Project and although the limitations are undeniable to consent with profusion to the matter prevails, something is always gotten without stopping, stamen, or another fabric type.(María Socarrás)

Cooperative of Camagüey among the best in Cuba

Havana - A cane yield superior to 75 tons for hectare, allowed to the Cooperative of Credits and Services (CCS) Abel Santamaría, Camagüey, to be located among the best in Cuba in the production of cane of sugar.

Although this unit of the municipality of Vertientes has as main program the cattle raising, the result in the cane development demonstrates the welcome of the systems of productive diversification in the cooperative sector that contributes more than 70 percent of the agricultural products that consume the people of Camagüey.

The cooperative also integrates the productive movement to contribute a million liters of milk to the industry and to contribute this way to the substitution of imports; also, it exhibits significant results in the several cultivations and the breeding of smaller livestock, refers the digital version of Radio Cadena Agramonte.

Such yields subscribe to the project of delivery of lands in usufruct that has allowed to increase the cultivation areas in the properties and to elevate the production of foods for the town, commitment of the rural members of the "Abel Santamaría."