sábado, 10 de abril de 2010

Peasants increase seed of rice in Camagüey

[At the end of April the crop of the grain will begin.]

The peasants contained in cooperative in this county,grew the seed of rice in some two thousand hectares of November from 2009 to March of the current year, in connection with same precedent stage.

That is the answer that Cuba claims to buy less abroad, expressed Orlando Lugo Fonte, president of the National Association of small Farmers (ANAP), in an encounter with producing of the territory.

In the period, the surface that received seed ascended to six thousand 276 hectares, almost twice as much that what had been foreseen, informed Idelino Álvarez, director of the Agroindustrial Complex Rice Route Invasora.

In accordance with the yields of last year, that area can toast more than 10 thousand tons of the molined grain, and to the current prices in the world market means that Cuba would stop to care the food for a superior figure to the six million dollars.

Also, it represents little less than half of what the population of the county acquires normated in one year for the family basket.

The agrarian increased the planted lands considerably, thanks to the delivery in usufruct of lands state idlers and to the one dismounts of infested fields of overgrowths, mainly marabout, and that incorporate to this production.

The peasants also look for solutions, as the construction of wells to assure a source of water for the irrigation,manifested Arturo Durán, president of the Cooperative of Credits and Services (CCS) Manuel Ascunce.

That entity sold in 2009 to the State 100 thousand quintals (four thousand 600 tons) of humid rice, the first of its type in achieving it in the country.

Nelson González who directs the Agroindustrial Group Rice in Cuba, informed that the nation invests in favor of this economy, and mentioned that to Camagüey were assigned abroad recently acquired teams for the maintenance of the viales and channels of irrigable.(Lucilo Tejera Díaz)

Workers of the health in Camagüey condemn new imperialistic maneuver

In the measure that the news runs for the world on the newest mediatic campaign against Cuba, it is not made wait the energetic answer and of the workers of the Pediatric Hospital of Camagüey rejection.

During the unanimous reject of the personnel of health of the infantile hospital ofCamagüey, to the government of United States and the European Parliament that unctuously accuse Cuba for the violation of the human rights, transcended that what want is really to move away to the international opinion of the millions of dead in Iraq, and Afghanistan, and the torture centers in military bases.

The nefrologer Isabel Miranda Funcia, expressed that the medical team of Camagüey is also forced to claim for the damages caused by the economic blockade that affects the attention of children with chronicle renal inadequacy.

Others of the facts broadly denounced once again by the physicians of the Pediatric Hospital of Camagüey is that while are condemned wrongly five Cubans antiterrorist fighters, in the United States operate some 50 organizations with terrorists ends, to take to end sabotages and aggressions toward the Cuban town, which have caused numerous victims and affectations to the economy of the country. (Alex López Almaguer)

Close fourth edition of the festival of Television Camagüey

By: Luis Enrique Perdomo Silva / Television Camagüey

The projection of the documentary “Ave María”, of the maker Gustavo Pérez Fernández was the epilogue of the fourth Festival of Television Camagüey, audiovisual contest where competed more than 120 works. Among the winning ones the five municipal televisors and the telecenter stood out Nuevavisión.

The community of Santa Cruz del Sur and the program “Gallery City”, of the provincial telecenter,monopolized the prizes of the Fourth Festival of Television taken place in the county of Camagüey.

A special recognition of picture to the group of works and laurels in the categories of information, report and documentary obtained the televisor of Santa Cruz, as long as “Gallery City”, winner of the Great Prize, headed the picture sections, script, sound band, assembly and edition.

The jury also granted Recognitions to documental of the responsibility of a group of students of the Ability of Communication in the University of Camagüey.

The colateral program of the fourth edition of the Festival of Television Camagüey was tinged by theoretical sessions, the pictorial sample “Gallery City”, the presentation of the book “Powder of Wings… the film script in Cuba”, of Oneyda González, and the exhibition of the documentary “Ave María”, of the maker Gustavo Pérez, works that it is presented at the moment in the Latin Festival of Chicago, in United States.

Reject young people in Camagüey mediatic campaign

Young people of this city rejected the mediatic campaign orchestrated by means of foreigners press against Cuba and ratified their support to the Cuban Revolution. Roberto Conde Silverio, Graduate in Psychology, recognized the youth's commitment starting from the president's words Raúl Castro Ruz, when in the closing of the IX Congress of the UJC exhorted them to occupy a paper of vanguard in the fight against the subversion and the lie.

It is not a war to liberate for whim, the 30 year-old youth pointed out, is the right that we have of defending the morals, the truth and our principles.

The youths have always been signed up in the fights of the Cuban town, from the mambises until the present time, and that tradition stays today from each student community or labor centers of the production and the services, added Conde Silverio.

For Mailín Cárdenas Ballester, graduated of Chemical Engineering of the University of Camagüey, also constitutes a responsibility to maintain the conquests achieved from the revolutionary victory in January of 1959.

I will raise my voice this May First in our streets to counteract the lie and to give to know to the world that the Cuban youth will be faithful continued of this social work, Mailín declared who completes the function of analyst in the Recuperator Company of Primes Matters of the county.

The youths that we work in the productive centers as me should be more efficient, to elevate the productivity and to look for alternative to the problems caused by the economic, commercial and financial blockade, imposed by the government from the United States to Cuba, the 28 year-old youth meditated.