miércoles, 24 de marzo de 2010

Hens Turquino for suburban agriculture in Camagüey

By:Lucilo Tejera Díaz/AIN

A farm for the development of the breed of bird Turquino supports its work raising chickens with high hardiness in suburban,agriculture forwards around this city for one year.

Located in the outskirts of the city, the entity poultry manages daily about two thousand 900 eggs of this race, which sends to the plant incubator, also near the town.

Javier Toledo, in charge of the economy in the unit, reported that the average positions fertile is 70 percent, considered good in the literature.

At this point the animal's mass exceeds four thousand 300 breeders and about 600 roosters.

This strain develops Cuba as poultry alternative is applied as an option backyard under sustainable conditions for being a line of chickens semirrustics, resilient and easy to adapt to the characteristics of tropical country.

Reddish, their parents are exemplary of the race Rhode Island, on the paternal side, and the Creole, the mother.

Once hatched the eggs, chicks are sent back to the farm until 21 days old, when are sold to people's councils of the city for distribution among the population.

Jacinto Torres, director of the Poultry Combined in Camagüey,said working a program for the selection of 200 farmers, who were sell a breeding stock of 100 breeding hens of this breed and roosters for developing home-made food, or various crops.

To address this plan and the supply of chickens Turquino to suburban agriculture , the bank plans investments to expand its capabilities.

The unit is named Fabricio Ojeda, a journalist and rebel Venezuelan born in 1929 and murdered in Caracas, in the dungeons of the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces in 1966.