lunes, 25 de octubre de 2010

Will make the Party of the in Camagüey

Camagüey - The Party of the Earthenjar , show of the most genuine values in this Cuban village, Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity, will take place from next November 7 to 13.

Conceived starting from the Cuban musician's original idea Adalberto Álvarez, "The Gentleman of the son", the festivity will promote before the world the cultural, historical values and the traditions of this city of east of the country, of which is Illustrious Son the artist.

Residents and tourists will enjoy during those days of the talent of the artistic vanguard of Camagüey, call in Cuba the "City of the earthenjar" to be this typical object of mud a symbol of the town, used from the time of the colony until the present time to keep rain water.

The earthenjar of Camagüey is seemed to the Andalusian ones and fundamentally appear placed in the patios of the houses, mainly in those built ones in the old village of Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe(1514), today Camagüey.

The inaugural program of the event plan an artistic cavalcade for the main arteries of the city and a cultural elegance. The influences of the Hispanic, Haitian cultures and African will tinge the parade.

In the course of the revel, in which all the manifestations and cultural institutions are involved of here, will be carried out theoretical events, presentations of books, exhibitions of plastic arts, parades of fashions and dancing of popular and traditional music.

There will also happen multiple theater shows, dances and music, among other attractiveness, in those that the traditions of Camagüey of the folcklor .

A novel proposal of the Branch of the Fund of Cultural Goods is the public demonstration of the production of a earthenjar of mud, in charge of the artisan of the territory Ramón Vicente.

Adalberto Álvarez `s great concert and their orchestra will be the day 12.

The Party of the Earthenjar is an encounter of the town with its own culture, Joël Joint, general coordinator of the event affirmed.

He said that the city seeks to transform it into another distinctive event in the island, although different,like are already its traditional Parties of the San Juan and the Week of the Culture of Camagüey that takes place every February with reason of the birthday of this village.

Adalberto Álvarez, besides orchestra's director, is pianist, composer and arreglist, and son`s Gentleman title of the are is due to the anthological innovations and contributions carried out to that traditional and contemporary gender.

At the moment is the more Cuban soner versionated in the Latin environment of the last 30 years and aspires to revitalize the world of the popular music of their county.

Camagüey is pronounced to elevate production of foods

Camagüey, Oct 25. A birdcall to elevate the production of agricultural foods to improve the supply for the population, made in this city the Provincial Assembly of the Popular Power.

A report of the commission of productive activities presented to the delegates of the organ of government of Camagüey points out that except the viands, which is considered with more presence in the market, the main lines of the territory fall in connection with last year.

It mentions among them cow milk, pig meat, rice, hen egg and vegetables.

In that situation influence objective and subjective aspects that force to that the county is supplied of the brought foods of other regions of Cuba, precise the document.

It recognizes that Camagüey has capacity to revert that state of things by means of the prioritized attention and opportune to the activity, concentrating the efforts and resources on the most productive areas.

Especially refers to investments, mainly in watering, without being executed by question of the lack of credits in national currency to agricultural entities.

Luis Inchausti, president of the Assembly, claimed to apply sure work systems that guarantee that everything is assisted permanently, in order to give answer on time to any obstacle or problem that arises in the development of the production, storing or commercialization of foods of the agriculture.

What is needed at this time is a great effort to take place more, he expressed.

The session also tried about the attention to the population, matter in the one which Julio Cesar García, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in the county, called to eliminate the subjective obstacles that limit a good result in this work front.(Lucilo Tejera Díaz )

Completes Central Siboney program of cane seed

Camagüey, Oct 25 . - The agroindustrial of the central Siboney, in the municipality of Sibanicú, distant some 45 kilometers of the provincial capital, were recognized by the addresses of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) and the Government in the county, and the sindicate of the union, to be erected in the first ones in turning the program of seed of cane of the present year.

To that sowed will incorporate other 120 hectares, those that will receive the gramineous seed of the sweet one in the two months that are of the year, by means of a work in which forces of support of different sectors of the municipality will intervene.

As long as in the Siboney the enlistment tasks advance for the coming campaign, to which should incorporate December 15, with the purpose of paying to the commitment of sugar of Camagüey in the “small harvest” that closes in order to year.

For the acting in the war preparations and the efficiency reached in the previous campaign, the central Siboney was chosen, for, the next one November five, to be host of the Demonstrative Exercise of Harvest, of the oriental sugar industries.

In the Siboney are notorious the advances of the preparations in tachos, boilers, and the organization that present the works of the tandem, that that when saying of their community, headed by Yolexis Guerra, puts them under conditions of repeating the successes of the last harvest in that were the first ones trustworthy of the country

The Siboney will process in the near harvest some 173 thousand 200 tons of own cane and coming from the plantations of the Brazil, in the municipality of Esmeralda, to some 94 kilometers of the province, by means of a rail linking, dedicated to be efficient from the first day. (Pedro Paneque Ruiz)

The pediatric oncology in the aim of the blockade

José Miguel Rodríguez Rondón`s history, a hardly four year-old boy that suffers a wicked illness of type Linfoma No-Hodgkin abdominal estadio III (in a scale of IV), today can be counted thanks to the efforts that Cuba carries out as regards health, in spite of the absurd obstacles that imposes the economic blockade of United States.

From the Territorial Center of Reference in Pediatric Oncology, of the infantile hospital Eduardo Agramonte Piña, of the city of Camagüey, this history of hands of the Doctor arrives Juan Carlos Arranz, boss of that service in this institution.

“When José arrived around four months ago to our center, he had a severe malnutrition-caquexia in terms medical- and we had to go to the parenteral feeding, a treatment that is quite expensive, besides the chemotherapy and the early rehabilitation. But for complications of the illness was necessary to apply him a surgery, to which has evolved quite well, and is already clever to continue with the therapies.”

In Cuba people with cancerigenic sufferings are assisted in centers specialized by multidisciplinary teams that fulfill the international norms of treatment protocol for the surgery, the radiotherapy, the chemotherapy and the immunotherapy. In accordance with Arranz, the Island exhibits indicators of survival and of similar cured patients to those of the first world.

At the present time is of highlighting the qualitative jump of the Cuban medicine in the development of therapeutic vaccines for the cancer with satisfactory results, and in use in several countries of the five continents.

But, according to the doctor Juan Carlos, this attention to patient with wicked illnesses in the pediatric age, bears treatments with multidisciplinary teams and support that require highly expensive financial resources, for example, the equipment for the surgery of minimum access of cerebral tumors, the endoprothesis use in bony tumors to avoid the amputation of a member, the radiotherapy with lineal accelerator and the cytostatic ones.

And although all these resources, fortunately, can be acquired - challenging the North American commercial monopolization -, the worsening of the blockade with the approval of the laws Helms Burton and Torricelli, prevent to obtain them in a systematic and planned way, nevertheless to be indispensable to continue elevating the quality of life of the oncopediatry patient. Also, those farmacs or matters available cousins in other markets, far away, imply a bigger amount for the mount of the transportation.

Along these years, one of the areas of the affected specialized medical care has been the oncology, even forbidden, to use medications and efficient technologies that can only be bought in the northern country.

According to the most recent report “Necessity to put an end to the economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed by United States to Cuba”, another time the sector of the public health appears as white of the aggressions and violations that supposes the application of this almost fiftieth anniversary political instrument.

Between May of 2009 and April of 2010, the one mounts economic of the blockade to the sector of the public health overcomes the 15 million dollars, to that which sink, the psychological affectations, the pain, the desperation that supposes for the patients and their families.(Arailaisy Rosabal García )