jueves, 23 de septiembre de 2010

Samples of solidarity with The Five multiplies

I Receive through the electronic mail, my friend's letter Martine Vaugien, member of the group of Solidarity Québec-Cuba, in Canada.

She counts this combatant for the peace who demands freedom for Antonio Guerrero, Ramón Labañino, Fernando González, René González, and Gerardo Hernández that the past September 12,just when 12 years of unjust confinement were completed for the Cuban patriots, “a group of Salvadoran origin friends, other Cubans and several Canadians, met in a church of Ottawa in Canada.”

In the encounter, these solidary friends presented a movie of the relatives of The Five, and several people spoke.
“Many of the present, - Martine says - didn't know them, but they were moved by the injustice that they live in the North American jails.”

The group agreed, for next year, to organize a caravan of vehicles, decorated with posters, and to locate them in front of the Parliament of the government of Canada. “The bus will arrive from several towns, and among them we will be the members of the Association Québec-Cuba. The coordination this already very organized, we have exchanged our electronic mail and we will meet in some weeks.”

In the solidary encounter, carried out in the night of September 12, in Québec, several books were presented that the participants could take free.

And on purpose, Martine says: “I have just read a titled book “Mission Miracle”, with the testimonies of gratitude of the Venezuelans that were operated of the view and cured in Cuba.”

At the end of the veiled of friendship, eating fruits and vegetables; and among cups of coffee or of tea, “we could exchange more with the assistants to our solidary act.

“My desire is to repeat this simple event that was very human, and this way to continue diffusing the truth on the case of The Five. I will contact to the Embassy of Cuba, to request them that if they have the video - that saw - in English or French, facilitate it to us, for when the President of our Association Québec-Cuba, Michael Walsch, return of Cuba, to make another meeting of friends to multiply the solidarity with René, Ramón, Gerardo, Antonio and Fernando.”

And Martine Vaugien Gadbois says goodbye , with our motto: We will conquer!(Miozotis Fabelo Pinares)