lunes, 16 de agosto de 2010

The rumba of the century was presented in Camagüey

Camagüey - Rumbatá showed its creative genius and the expressive possibilities of the rumba in the offered unique concert this week again, the first one in which promote its next phonogram, titled "The rumba of the century", in masterización process in the house discográfica Bis Music.

The Main Theater opened the curtain to the rhythm of a gender arisen by the integration of Spanish and African variants that mixed by this grouping of Camagüey with samba, flamenco, Latin jazz and rap, surrender homage to the trova in twelve songs, among those that is Twenty years, of María Teresa Vera, masterfully interpreted by Vania Borges.

The show, driven and directed by Yuri of the River, had among their companies the group of flamenco inspiration to Walk you, trovadoras and writers, when being inserted in the program of the VII Literary Crusade.

One of the essences of Rumbatá is the clarity of its dancers and musicians when being known rumberos, like Wilmer defends Ferrán Jiménez, managing founder of the group in 1996. From then on its guide are renovating steps in the Cuban folclor. The concert reflected the reach of its purposes because, parodying the topic of the closing Rumba for the rumberos, not included in the CD, the one that doesn't dance the rumba, likes to look at it although is from a balcony.(Yanetsy León González)

Foundational of Camagüey could be located nearer to the current establishment

Camagüey - If previously was considered that the second siege foundational of Port Prince was in the northwest of the current county, recent investigations outline the hypothesis that Caonao, toponimia that also designates the indigenous slaughter of the XVI century, could be next to the current city of Camagüey.

As one of the first villages of Cuba and of America, the territory impels the archaeological and geodesic prospectings that next to historical sources as old testimonial manuscripts of the colonization help to clarify possible indications of establishments.

The work "Possible areas of geographical location of the second establishment of the village of Santa María of the Prince's Port", of the Máster in Sciences Odalys Brito and a community of authors of several institutions, exposed during the V Colloquy of Regional History in November of 2009 some advances of the investigation and after several months wakes up bigger interest.

Among the works are aimed the revision of a part of the basin of the river Caonao, of about 154 kilometers, by means of teledetection methods in both riverbanks.

However the direction seems to take more toward the center of the since county are not vestiges that ameriten to continue the the previous places.

Esteban Pichardo`s map (1874) helps to locate some possible reference points and on the other hand the hypotheses on the outlet of the river are contradicted with Miguel Rodríguez Ferrer `s postulates.

With the inferences based on narrations of the slaughter of Caonao that relates the march that made the conquerors to the control of Pánfilo Of Narváez, the range is used from 12 to 14 hours of trip of the group like calculation of between 30 or 40 kilometers like traveled distance.

The Indian village where the massacre of the aboriginal ones took place needed of plantations, question that can be verified by means of teams of modern technology, indicators of old earth movements, and after several coincidences the investigators arm the great one "puzzle" of the search of the "second" Port Prince.

Other references that should fit as pieces are those of the father Antonio Perpiñá, of Fray Bartolomé de las Casas and of the historian Juárez Cano.

Some few places fulfill the profiles, among those that stand out the coincidences with the hills or areas with characteristics tune in Jigüey, River Stones and the property Saramaguacán, to which referred the conquering Diego of Ovando, all with more vicinity to the current one "City of the Earthenjar."

Sacred María of the Prince's Port still hides many mysteries and even her awake foundation a great debate as for the date primigenia in Tip of Güincho, next to Nuevitas, because there still is not consent in the country on if was in 1514 or 1515.

Another archaeological group also looks for hints in the costs and the certain thing is that its history of city consolidates as a "legendary Camagüey" whose historical center belongs to the Humanity's Patrimony.(Oreydis Pimentel)

People of Camagüey sang Fidel with love and thrills

Camagüey - A concert of love and thrills in the humanity's defense and dedicated to the leader of the Cuban Revolution especially Fidel Castro, concerning his 84 birthday, left closed in Camagüey the Literary Crusade of the Association Siblings Saíz.

The Auditórium "Iván Hidalgo Funes", located in the vicinity of the Country Casino, in the capital of Camagüey, welcomed the musical presentation in which united their voices recognized minstrels who were accompanied by the groupings "Hade" and " Complains."

Between chords and sounds the multitude applauded to beginner interpreters of the trovadoresque song, musical tendency arisen in Cuba last, and considered century one of the most important artistic currents for its transcendency beyond the Latin American context.

Hours before the concert that closed the pages of the Crusade of the Association Siblings Saíz, were presented a group of literary novelties, billed by the stamp editorial camagüeyano "Ácana", at the same time that took place visits to historical places of interest and poetry recitals.(Alex López Almaguer)

Unit around the Revolution makes stronger to Cuba

The difficult current situation for which crosses the world not only includes the economic crisis, and its repercussion in the financial spheres, energetics, alimentary, half environmental and of the water, but also in the culture, the morals of credibility and the gobernability, to such a point that the experts value that for more than 80 years a so comprehensive one didn't take place.

Although Cuba has designed a group of strategies so that its affectations are minimum, is not exempt of its damages, those that rebound negatively in the price of the nickel-that doesn't surpass the 10 thousand dollars; and also in the high costs of the milk, the grains, the rice and the chicken, among other basic foods that have triplicated their prices, as long as continue descending those of the tobacco and the coffee, everything increased it by the descent of the world tourism.

The bigger than the Antilles inmerse is, also, in the increment of the production of foods and the reduction of imports, and in being made economically more competitive so much from the internal point of view, as external.

This is of the situations that demand us a bigger effort, the extra, like we usually say in good Cuban. But we will know how to also conquer all the obstacles because to our favor is the majority unit around the Revolution.(Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez)