miércoles, 28 de julio de 2010

The light of the teaching arrives to the neediest corners in the world

With the victory of the Revolution in January of 1959, the Cuban State was traced like goal to put the Education in the highest seat, not only in the island, also to take it to other countries of the world. From then on the solidary help is increased to countries of the Third World.

The first steps of collaboration as regards education took place in the first half of the decade of 60 in last century with the grant of scholarships to students coming from Asia, África and Latin America, to study studies in different specialties of half level and superior.

From then on have were graduated in Cuba more than 30 thousand foreigners, among level superior and technical means of 114 countries. To these figures sink foreigners' thousands that elevated their scientist - technique qualification by means of training courses and post grade.

Along our history more than 26 thousand educational offered their services in 31 countries of África, Latin America and the Caribbean, standing out in the literacy campaigns in Angola, Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua, besides other countries that apply with a lot of effectiveness the program "I can."

At the end of last century, Haiti requested Cuba the collaboration for the literacy of its residents. Thousands of Haitians were alphabetized in the experimental phase starting from 54 radial emissions. For this innovative and effective collaboration, the country has received International several Prize.

Still in difficult situations, the the Cuban socialist State offers its solidary help to the nations that have required without scanting material and human resources in the fight against the illiteracy. (Aramis González Cruz)

New options in the Web site of Camagüey Television

The team of work of the Digital Writing of Camagüey Television is buried in the implementation of new tools so that the internet users can have a bigger number of offers and services when they visit the Web page that has as URLs: www.tvcamaguey.co.cu and www.tvcamaguey.icrt.cu

Among the improvements that are being carried out are a Channel of Video incrusted in the own servant by what the users won't already have to go to www.youtube.com to see the new videos, one of its advantages resides in that the own users, previously registered, can include in, this new one remote, the youtube videos that are of their preference. It is not difficult, coarse with alone to add the title and the URL of the same one.

Also, Camagüey Television, has an own Forum now in which will leave adding topics gradually and many will be at the request of the own users. Also who are motivated to be part of this work team, and be very active, will be able to in a future to be patternmakers of the same ones.

In the Forum is a Mailbox so that all, even the non registered internet users, can write their opinions and suggestions on our Web.

These are the URLs that you can visit from already.

* It consents or Register
* Channel of Video
* Forum of Television Camagüey