lunes, 8 de febrero de 2010

Maykel Herrera enriches collection of museum of Camagüey

“The guayo”, works of the artist of the plastic of Camagüey Maykel Herrera, enriched the collection of Cuban Art, of the Provincial Museum Ignacio Agramonte of this city.

Adalberto Hernández, director of the institution, declared to the AIN that the piece is of great importance for the compilation because in these moments are buried in enlarging the sample of creators of the territory.

This summary of Cuban pieces is second more significant of the country, only overcome by that of the National Museum of Fine arts, he added.

At the present time bill with more than eight thousand samples among ornamental objects, furniture, sculptures and paintings.

“The guayo”, belonging to the series Ysla forever, is an installation in metal and wood that “ insists in the necessity of conservation of the man's identity through its reflections about the insularity”, as it published the digital version of the local newspaper Adelante.

Maykel Herrera is the youngest painter that is part of the repertoire of Cuban Art in the museum Ignacio Agramonte, and he promised to donate a painting of the series soon The dwarf Princes.

Camagüey assures attention to diabetic pregnant

A center of attention to the pregnant diabetic plan to be created in this county before concluding the first trimester of the present year, like part of the National Cuban Program of Integral Attention to the Pregnant with Diabetes.

The installation will have 18 enabled services in the prevention of the illness, and for it are receiving the resources, the teams and the medications that will facilitate the effective attention to the pregestationals and gestationals patient.

The city of Camagüey is one of the first in Cuba, after Havana, where they will offer these services, keeping in mind that one of the biggest indexes of diabetic women presents in fertile age, with a figure of around 3 500, of those more than 43 000 that exist in the Island.

This county had one of the three initial shops for the development from the program to national level since the project arose, and it was one of the first where independent consultations were created about reproductive risk in suffered women of diabetes.

The doctor Antonio Manuel Márquez Guillén, national responsible of the program, affirmed that this is the only country where experiences of this type have begun, even when have not been carried out in nations that possess advanced technology.

Since the implementation began from the program to national level have not happened more maternal deaths attributed to the diabetes mellitus, fact that already corroborates its impact, declared the specialist avezado.

The budget to give to light to the project has been facilitated by the non government organization World Diabetes Foundation (WDF), the one that recognized the importance of the program and valued its multiplication in developing nations, under the advice of the group of Cuban work. (Dalgys Zurita Jaime)

Important negotiations in commercial fair Camagüey 2010

Important negotiations in all the sectors of the economy are the balance of the commercial fair Camagüey 2010 that closed its doors this Sunday, in the mark of the activities for the anniversary 496 of the foundation of the Villa of Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe. According to the territorial delegate of the Chamber of Commerce, the monetary operations come closer to the four millions of CUC, 12 are the intention letters and 16 the signed contracts, calculates superior to the previous appointment in quantity and quality.

The sectors of more weight are the industrial and the agriculture, with marked interest in the production of foods like demands the economic strategy of the country.

As the best negotiating group was expected was that of the Agriculture, represented by the companies Citric Sola fruits, comercialized cattle Terso, Aviculture, Storing and the complex rice Ruta Invasora, of the south of this county.

In free design of stand the reward was the pavilion of the Nutritious Industry in those that the Alimentary Camagüey, Meat, Drinks and Sodas were inserted, Confitera, Milky and PescaCam.

The malt Tínima ran off with the prize of the quality of the product, as long as the laurel of publicity relapsed in the Computer science's Ministry and the Communications, with ETECSA and DESOFT. (Enrique Atiénzar Rivero)