lunes, 1 de noviembre de 2010

Witches' invitation in Camagüey

Camagüey, nov 1st- Annia Pérez and Frank Ramírez were the honored in the VI ACAALARRE, new edition of an unique competition of its type in Cuba that resuscitates in a whim to the dark witches with the Creole choteo.

Also rewarded in other versions of the contest, that artistic binomial conquered four recognitions in the current appointment whose 66 works in competition are exposed in the headquarters of the filial of Camagüey of the Cuban Association of Artisans Artists (ACAA), in the Square of the Workers.

The central jury conferred shared the prize in ceramic to the piece, without title, of Pérez-Ramírez, a witch with luxurious wardrobe, and of which a crow leaves his body.

That creation also obtained rewards conferred by the branch of the Cuban Fund of Cultural Goods, Library Provincial Julio Antonio Mella and the Sociocultural Project The Mud of my neighborhood.

The premiation in ceramic also relapsed in the doctor veterinary Ángel Bank Miralles, with “we will Arrive late to the one Acaalarre”, an allusive work to an ox zebu to the one which two malicious women, one dressed and another naked one, try to drive on a gotten muddy land.

Received the remaining first places granted by the central jury, Yosvany Rodríguez (skin manifestation), Gerardo Crow (textile) Yoisdel Rotillet (metal), Yohacne Téllez ( carves in wood), María Bad-Elvia Mc Cormack (paper maché) and Dasmián Sánchez (miscellany).

The program of the forum includes the opening of nine samples equally with pieces outside of competition, with inaugurations between November 27 and December 18.

Summoned every two years for the branch of the ACAA, ACAALARRE gathers members of that institution or not, in an event of wide competitive participation and public's attendance.(Adolfo Silva Silva)

Profitable encounter among young radialists of Camagüey

Camagüey, nov 1st.. - An excellent scenary was the municipality of Mines, for the celebration - during Friday and last Saturday -, of the Third provincial Encounter of young passionate radialists, in which was exchanged around topics of importance for the work in the radio stations radial of Camagüey.

The impartition and debate of conferences and other studies, tune to the radial means, they were valid proposals for, starting from successes and mistakes, to offer a better programming to the town.

In opinion of “old and experienced passionate radialists” that shared with the youths in the event, the appointment opens a very favorable field to the creation and the insert of a radio of Camagüey, to tone with the times that run and difusor of the socialist reality in the current Cuba.

Concerning the topic, the provincial director of the Radio, Onelio Castillo Corderí, qualified the exchange like very profitable for the responsibilities of this means as difusor of the processes of transformation of the current society and the protagonism of Camagüey in the invigoration of the work of the Revolution.

Castillo Corderí thanked to the community of the Voice of the Bayatabo - radio station of that territory of the north of Camagüey -, and to the authorities of there, for the dedication and organization of the encounter that already marks rules for the chore of the radio of Camagüey. (Pedro Paneque Ruiz).

Comely Camagüey for better sugar harvests

Camagüey.- Representatives of 30 cooperatives of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) in Camagüey ratified the agreement of the Cuban Rural Congress of having all their sowed cane areas and resowed to greet the anniversary 50 of the organization the next May 17.

The rural of Camagüey assured that with technological means, fertilizers and herbicides of last generation that facilitates them the State, they will be able to prepare in the fixed date of more than five thousand hectares of cane of the spring plans and winter with better agricultural yields.

Given the rise of the sugar in the international market and of the prices that will be paid the next war to the Cuban producers - of about 94 pesos the ton of cane - and the stimulation in convertible currency for the most productive farmers, the alternative was outlined: Or the fields are assisted to reach high yields or the areas of little agricultural tonnage will be dedicated to the cattle production or other alimentary uses.

Specialists estimate of the sector that, without specifying certain variety neither system of specific seed, a hectare takes 10 416 grafts, and 50 of them can provide a ton of cane.

The next sugar harvest in Camagüey the coming one will begin December 5 with the central Argentina, of Florida, in the Southwest of the county, and that same month will start up in the east, the Siboney, of Sibanicú, genius badge of the territory for their stable milled and sugar of good quality. (Rolando Sarmiento Ricart)