viernes, 24 de septiembre de 2010

Will electrify irrigable in rice cooperative of Camagüey

Vertientes, Camagüey, 24 Sep -The electrification of the irrigable in two rice cooperatives of this area of the county of Camagüey, will assure the crop of the grain in some 800 hectares in two seed campaigns.

Idelino Álvarez, director of the Agroindustrial Rice Complex Route Invasora, informed that the investment will be of about 32 thousand dollars and it will benefit to the Cooperatives of Credits and Services Manuel Ascunce Domenech and Algérico Lara.

He added that the Electric Basic Organization of the territory has the projects to attack immediately the one spread of lines and the tranformers assembly.

The two entities are integrated to the movement of high producers of the food that takes ahead the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP).

Miguel Arturo Durán, president of the “Manuel Ascunce Domenech”, said to the AIN that the investment will facilitate to use in the watering the underground water of 10 or 12 new wells or that are already used but with a lot of uncertainty and inefficient.

Francisco Fundora, fitosanitary of the “Algérico Lara”, explained that in his cooperative will be been able to irrigate around 400 hectares and to carry out two seeds every year, in the well-known campaigns as of cold and of spring, with good agricultural yields.

Both units saw limited the plantation this year for the deficit of water from the reservoir Jimaguayú, to the south of the city of Camagüey, with very low practical readiness for the considerable decrease of the level of having filled as a consequence of insufficient precipitations from ends of 2008.(Lucilo Tejera Díaz)

In spite of the drought Camagüey power the cultivation of the rice

By :Yeter Palmero / Television Camagüey

In spite of the drought Camagüey power the cultivation of the rice While the industrialized nations in the orb unfulfilled their commitments in connection with the Objectives of the Millennium adopted by 189 nations in the year 2000, Cuba advances in that observance in spite of its condition of poor and blocked country.

These limits pick up the results and aspirations of United Nations for the peace, the development and the respect to the rights and people's integrity. The General Secretary of the UN Ban Ki-moon, in an encounter with Bruno Rodríguez, Cuban Secretary of External Relationships, qualified of impressive the achievements of the island in connection with the ODM.

At the moment, among other vital questions, power the agricultural development to guarantee a better nutrition in the Cuban population and to diminish the effects of the global crisis.

The rice is one of the cultivations that internationally has been affected by climatic changes and natural phenomena. Specifically the county of Camagüey will conclude the 2010 with some 16 800 planted hectares of that grain, calculates that it overcomes the dear plan for the period.

Nevertheless, the gathering will be below the 40 thousand foreseen tons. The drought that maintains depressed to the 53 reservoirs of the territory has affected the watering cycles severely. It is considered that each chivalry planted for its complete development needs about 1600 cubic meters of water. At the moment the reservoirs of the county are at a 46, 8% of their storage capacity.

However, in spite of that situation to the closing of the year the farmers of Camagüey hopes to contribute some 30 thousand tons of rice millered for the population's consumption. This refers a great effort, as long as it points out that with a smaller sowed surface that in the 2009, similar results will be reached.

Camagüey constitutes the third county more producer of rice in the country. Their flat geography contributes Its potentialities for the development of the cultivation, together to the fact that is the territory in Cuba that has the biggest number of Cooperative of Agricultural and Cooperative Production of Credits and Services belonging to the movement of the 100 thousand quintals of rice.

jueves, 23 de septiembre de 2010

Samples of solidarity with The Five multiplies

I Receive through the electronic mail, my friend's letter Martine Vaugien, member of the group of Solidarity Québec-Cuba, in Canada.

She counts this combatant for the peace who demands freedom for Antonio Guerrero, Ramón Labañino, Fernando González, René González, and Gerardo Hernández that the past September 12,just when 12 years of unjust confinement were completed for the Cuban patriots, “a group of Salvadoran origin friends, other Cubans and several Canadians, met in a church of Ottawa in Canada.”

In the encounter, these solidary friends presented a movie of the relatives of The Five, and several people spoke.
“Many of the present, - Martine says - didn't know them, but they were moved by the injustice that they live in the North American jails.”

The group agreed, for next year, to organize a caravan of vehicles, decorated with posters, and to locate them in front of the Parliament of the government of Canada. “The bus will arrive from several towns, and among them we will be the members of the Association Québec-Cuba. The coordination this already very organized, we have exchanged our electronic mail and we will meet in some weeks.”

In the solidary encounter, carried out in the night of September 12, in Québec, several books were presented that the participants could take free.

And on purpose, Martine says: “I have just read a titled book “Mission Miracle”, with the testimonies of gratitude of the Venezuelans that were operated of the view and cured in Cuba.”

At the end of the veiled of friendship, eating fruits and vegetables; and among cups of coffee or of tea, “we could exchange more with the assistants to our solidary act.

“My desire is to repeat this simple event that was very human, and this way to continue diffusing the truth on the case of The Five. I will contact to the Embassy of Cuba, to request them that if they have the video - that saw - in English or French, facilitate it to us, for when the President of our Association Québec-Cuba, Michael Walsch, return of Cuba, to make another meeting of friends to multiply the solidarity with René, Ramón, Gerardo, Antonio and Fernando.”

And Martine Vaugien Gadbois says goodbye , with our motto: We will conquer!(Miozotis Fabelo Pinares)

miércoles, 22 de septiembre de 2010

In Camagüey, Teatrino Festival

Begins in this city VI edition of the Teatrino National Festival , favored by the infantile Company La Andariega that directs Luis Orlando Antúnez,Bambino.

The program of the theoretical event that accompanies the setting in scene of the works, opens curtains with the premiere of the documental Fortunata, dedicated to the Five Cuban heroes, prisoners in jails of the United States.

The first exchange day, also includes, the projection of the work "The cat and the Gull", of the Group Sagohuset, of Sweden, and the show of Margareta Home, as a result of the collaboration between the Swedish artists and of Camagüey; pieces exhibited in the Festival Bi Bu Set Lund 2010, in the European nation.

The theoretical encounter will propitiate the open dialogue, confirms Luis Orlando Antúnez: "It is a space to converse, to exchange and to meditate around the creative processes in the theater made for children; but also with them as actors.

"Among the proposals stand out the conference on "The musical theater in Cuba", in charge of the Professor Pascual Díaz Fernández; the Shop "The theater of marionettes in today's Cuba", directed by René Fernández, National Prize of Theater 2007; and the colloquy "The theater with children and it stops children, in the Cuban contemporaneity.

"They are invited also, to the debates and the dialogue, playwrights, critical, art instructors and the youths of the Cultural Brigade José Martí for who will be of great profit the confrontation."

The Festival Teatrino Festival, will maintain open curtains until next Sunday with 51 functions in rooms of the city of Camagüey and in the little square Juana del Castillo; and also, they open the winning works of the competition of dramaturgy of previous editions: "The good Pipe", in charge of the group of Camagüey The Age of Gold; "Fall asleep my boy", with the performance of the company The Wanderer, and Adarga Theater, puts in scene "That window."

To the Teatrino groupings of the counties of Pinar del Río, Matanzas, City of Havana, Santiago de Cuba and Camagüey, with a wide representation.(Miozotis Fabelo)

More than 19 thousand students in polytechnic and occupation schools

Camagüey - The Professional Technician Teaching (ETP) in Camagüey has this course a superior registration to the 19 thousand students in half technician's modalities and qualified worker, of them little more than 4 thousand are again entrance coming from the ninth and twelfth grades, of these last ones about 900 that didn't approve the entrance exams to the Superior Education.

Specialties related with the agricultural, constructive, educational activities and of accounting conform the biggest number of squares granted by the Ministry of Education, those that belong together with the necessities of each one of the municipalities of the county.

For the formation of these youths had 40 centers: 16 polytechnicians, 5 schools of occupations and 19 mixed centers, these last ones with the objective of taking advantage of to the maximum the facilities and available material resources in the towns, for what is also counted with more than a hundred of specialists of different sectors and 97 annexed classrooms located in centers where the formative fulfillness of the students is required.

It is important to highlight that this year the ETP assumes 13 schools of the Ministry of the Sugar Industry, with a registration of some 4 thousand students of the denominated Task Álvaro Reynoso, programs dedicated to the superation of workers of this sector. (María Delys Cruz Palenzuela)

martes, 21 de septiembre de 2010

Cederist vitality in donating of Camagüey

Camagüey - In greeting to the fifty anniversary of the biggest organization in masses of the country, the cederists of Camagüey developed a special day of donations of blood in centers of the Public Health in the provincial capital.

Hundred thirty four arms impelled the asset cederist movement . “I came for the exhortation of my CDR and because this blood that I give can save the life to any other Cuban” affirmed Elsa Iris Pelegrín Matos, neighbor of the allotment Garden who carried out the past 16 and to the forty six years her first donation.

The Committee of Defense of the Revolution in Camagüey, for little more than one year, cross for an intense organizational reorder and the education of the cederists to carry out the donations stands out among the carried out tasks. Yunior Ulloa González, donating national vanguard and boss of the posse of donors of blood “Manuel Ascunce Domenech” he explains that the visits foreseen to hemofilic patient and educational chats in the neighborhoods have helped in the incorporation of donors and in the best execution in the deliveries of the vital liquid.

Nevertheless to the efforts difficulties that ballast the efficiency of the municipality head where belong more than forty percent of the cederists of the county exist still. Cecilia Liriam Wambrugt, member of the secretariat of economy and service of the municipal address of the CDR in Camagüey, affirm that the incongruities in the administrations for the transport, technical personnel's of Public Health shortage and, sometimes, the lack of available arms is the checks of Achilles in the execution of the planned donations. Cecilia highlighted that in every remaining day of September different clinics of the family will continue the reception of blood. (Rogelio Serrano Pérez)

Antolín, a Pigeon that always returns

By : Luis Enrique Perdomo Silva / Television Camagüey

Maybe doesn't have Leopoldo Fernández `s talent , Bernabé, Chaflán or Cantinflas, but Ángel García knows, as them, to be won the applause and the public's admiration.

Since Alberto Luberta baptized him, in the portal of Radio Progress, as “Antolín, the Pigeon” this peasant of Manacas has known how to drink of the Cuban sap and he demonstrated in the Square May First, of Vertientes, in Camagüey.

“Greetings to the whole people of Vertientes, four years ago he didn't come here and I bring them a transparent, very Cuban humor”, Antolín said that thanked the comments around his program “I don't want cry”, a television show that was transmitted in the summer and that will be again in the grill of programming of next year.

“It is a program of three hours that we are preparing for the year end, with exit to the air from 12:00 to 3:00 of the dawn. This agreement with National Television also includes ten programs more than I don't want cry for the summer 2011”

Without “aguaje”

Argelio García, Chaflán, was in fact who made an audition to Ángel García in the Santa Clara of final of the years 80. To this and other big of the Cuban scene the peasant of Manacas has them a lot of respect.

In the square of Vertientes he didn't stop to remember that ritual of saying a half lie fifty-fifty with the on hat and a truth without the hat, such and like madeChaflán in his times.

We know that Antolín already has a self-esteem consolidated that is sustained in having worked with big of the Cuban humor. Which is the formula?

“It is necessary to work a lot. It is a resistance career. I already take more than two decades. I am stimulated with this country, people love me and I cannot defraud them. It is necessary to go ahead.

The humorist began his show summoning a group of children, with which he sang his success “With half weight” and in the twilights he used for the first time the guaracha “he Has to have of everything”, of Tony Ávila, topic of a new television proposal.

“He looks like the Square is. Without any type of ´aguaje´ there are orchestras that don't fill spaces like this”, the humorist assured, minutes before moving for the Popular Parties of Sibanicú, and to leave to the people of Vertientes the certainty that Antolín is a Pigeon that always returns.

Better generation conditions in thermoelectric of Camagüey

Camagüey - Better generation conditions exhibit the thermoelectric “October Ten”, in the northern municipality of Nuevitas, after concluding the maintenance recently to the unit number four of that plant, what has allowed to contribute 120 megawatts to the National Electroenergetic System .

This way informed the engineer Néstor Siré Monteagudo, technical director in this entity who added that in these moments are carried out works in the block three, with the objective of incorporating other 60 megawatts.

The directive pointed out, also, in incoming October the renovation works will begin in the unit number five, which will extend until next year.

Even to the modernization of the different areas of the thermoelectric “October Ten”, of Nuevitas, actions are attacked to save fuel and water. (Yamylé Fernández Rodríguez)

Increases in Camagüey permanency of international tourism

The Havana-The county of Camagüey, to 550 kilometers of Havana, was that of bigger growth of the quantity of days of foreign tourists' stay in Cuba during the first semester of 2010.

According to the publication Tourism, indicators for territories, of the National Office of Statistical (ONE), the permanency of the strange vacationers in this territory increased by 22 percent, of January to June of the present year.

In the second and third positions, according to this indicator, the county of Santiago de Cuba and the special municipality of Island of the Youth are located, with 13 six percent of growth, respectively.

The destination of Camagüey offers a tourist product of great singularity, integrated by 25 percent of the beaches of Cuba, included Santa Lucía, with excellent conditions for the diving and the sport fishing.

Equally conjugates its natural kindness with attractive citizen, as the historical center of its provincial capital, with near 500 years of having been founded and declared Patrimony of the Humanity for the Organization of the United Nations for the Education, the Science and the Culture.

Well-known formerly as village of Santa María of the Prince's Port, is famous for its earthenjar and cradle of personalities, as the writer Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda and the biggest General Ignacio Agramonte and Loynaz, eminent person of the independence of Cuba. (Saili Dominguez Cruz / AIN).

Recognize to innovator of Camagüey for his contribution to the national economy

Camagüey- Sep 21. - For his contribution to the national economy, the National Association of Innovators and Racionalizators of Cuba gave to the camagüeyano David Carballea Cabrera, of Camagüey a desert recognition.

Worker of the Company of Aqueducts and Sewer systems in the territory of Camagüey, Carballea Cabrera was selected to receive the Prize to the Innovator of more Social Economic Impact in the country, also for his contribution to the energy saving and contribute in the substitution of imports.

The outstanding anirista (like are denominated the members to this organization) he contributed as effective solution, the axial Bearing of glass for the submergible bomb that is coupled in the motors of the same type, when returning the useful life to those means.

The national recognition is granted every year, during the Innovator's Day, to take place in coming October and this is the second occasion that a man of Camagüey conquers so important laurel. (Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez)

lunes, 20 de septiembre de 2010

Camagüey, county with more tourist permanency in Cuba

Camagüey, 20 Sep. The information that has just published the National Office of Statistical, that Camagüey in the first semester is not only the county of more tourist permanency in Cuba full with joy to those that work in this sector, but to all the inhabitants of this center oriental region.

According to the study of the entity, the stay of the foreign tourists in the extensive and flat lands of Camagüey grew in 22%, the biggest figure reported by the counties and collection in the publication Tourism, indicators for territories.

Follows Camagüey, Santiago de Cuba with 13% and the Youth's Island with 6, territories that are able to increase the days of foreign tourists' stay, indicator associated to the expenses.

The international tourism arose properly to the beginning of the special period as important option to capture quick hard currency, to propitiate the economic recovery of the country and to revitalize other sectors like the slight and alimentary industries.

In Camagüey, to 550 kilometers of Havana, the biggest quantity in keys and islands of the country and 25% of the beaches of the Cuban archipelago are located, and to the capital city can be consented by the international airport Ignacio Agramonte.

The main attributes of the region are Santa Lucía's beach and the city of Camagüey, leaves of whose historical center possesses the title of Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity, granted by the UNESCO.

To the excellent beaches unite diving places and sport fishing. In the key of the north lives great quantity of species of the flora and the fauna, while in the ecological region Sierra de Cubitas assures to walk for among hills of green and humid flora, to explore caverns and to navigate for a labyrinth of almost virgin islands and to cross plains. (Enrique Atiénzar Rivero)

Camagüey is included in project for the integrated handling of coastal areas

Camagüey - A project of environmental conservation financed by the Program of United Nations for the Development (UNDP)-and approved for Cuba -, centers their actions in the protection and care of the natural resources of the coastal areas.

“Archipelagos of the South”, is the name of the plan that will look for mechanisms for its activation between the 20 and 24 in this month in the Beach Santa Lucía, during the National Shop of Training in Technical Participatives and Solution of Conflicts. In the event representatives will intervene of Ciego de Ávila, Camagüey and Granma, and the companies producers of these territories.

The coastal areas are vulnerable before the effects of the climatic change, experience the deterioration of the socioeconomic conditions of the populational establishments, and are victims of the deforestation of swamp forests and hidrographic basins.

With the application of the one referred program, is sought, by means of a regional focus, to integrate the different political, commercial and social actors that act on these areas of economic interest.

The purpose is to create five areas under the handling regime integrated to look for collective answers to the different ones problematic that are generated to the interior of those towns.

In fact, the most extensive region-and that is already built -, embraces five municipalities of the south of the counties Ciego de Ávila and Camagüey, in those that three marine protected areas are included: National Park Gardens of the Queen, Refuge of Fauna Macurije-Santa María, and Refuge of Fauna Keys of Ana María. When saying of José Martí Jomarrón, coordinator of the project for Camagüey, this is the first experience of the country of such a span.

The main conflicts of the referred area respond to the fishing of charismatic species for the tourist diving, the stealthy fishing of turtles, manatees and crocodiles, the hunt of jutías conginas-endemic species -, and the indiscriminate pruning.

The Provincial System of Protected Areas of the earth of the earthenjar, has seven spaces declared legally by the Executive Committee of the Council of Secretaries at the present time, shows of the indefatigable work of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment in Camagüey.

Among them: the already mentioned National Park Gardens of the Queen, the Fossil Forest of Najasa, the Refuge of Fauna of the Maximum River and the Ecological Reservation Lemon-Tuabaquey.

With the development of the program “Archipelagos of the South”, Cuba executes its adhesion to projects and international agreements that stimulate and demand the protection of the environment. (Arailaisy Rosabal García)

Message to the earthlings

By : Ernesto Pantaleón Medina / Television Camagüey

To you that the same as I inhabit this ball species more than ever today risk of flying in pieces, I direct these lines.

I wanted to call you partner, because not another thing is who face for millions of years the same luck, we breathe the same air and we drink the same water, that gas and that liquid that will be scare earlier than takes if the things continue like go, and that we need all equally, let us be or not white, black, Chinese, Muslims, Catholic, Jews.

But do I fear that the word bother , because maybe hurts a culture of differences that have inculcated us to many, an accumulation of intransigences, intolerances and of racism with which irrationally are adorned? some blond civilizations and of blue eyes.

To you that perhaps has closed (and still closing) na that another door, wanted to propose an imagination exercise, anything difficult neither disheveled in the times that run… of agreement? There we go.

… the world (what is) one day after the last bomb.

A person, almost a shade, crawls among the brashes, the ashes and the smoke, breathing through a mask, to avoid that the polluted air roasts him the lungs… poisonous vapors spring from the old sources of water.

In the distance, like a shade, something appears similar to a refuge, and the hope, a light one arises calls that titila in the bottom of its conscience.

It comes closer with great difficulty, and almost without forces checks that indeed it is a refuge; the delicate one calls cheers up and a wave of encouragement goes up from doesn't know where and heats him the heart, while the circulation accelerates.

With a last energy rest it hits the door, metallic, reinforced, safe against everything, and the noise spreads for the somber moor as the same death.

A, two, three times repeats the touch…

Suddenly, it is half-opened kind of a peephole and a rough, hoarse voice, empty of all feeling penetrates like a lance of ice in its reason, to kill the last vestiges of will and of hope.

¨ doesn't care who are, leave, you are not of ours ¨!

End of the imagination exercise; now What do you think?

viernes, 17 de septiembre de 2010

Marathon of collection of matters cousins in Camagüey

Camagüey, Sep 17. A marathon of collection of matters cousins, will carry out this Sunday, the Committees of Defense of the Revolution (CDR) in the county of Camagüey, to greet the 50 years of its creation.

Miriam García Leyva, coordinator of the CDR in the territory, informed the AIN that this activity constitutes a priority for the people of Camagüey, aware of its economic importance.

In this occasion we will recycle paper and cardboard mainly, matters cousins of enormous economic and environmental advantages, if one keeps in mind that to obtain a ton of cellulose, main fiber to make paper talar is required near 17 mature trees, pointed out García .

Concerning the date, next day 28, integral of the biggest organization in masses of Cuba, develop a day that included this Thursday massive donations of blood in several areas of health of the city head, and last weekend the seed of trees.

Also the children of Pioneer Organization José Martí, sink to the parties with the traditional guard pioneer that make every year in each community.

Works of cleaning and embellishment in the neighborhoods are part of the preparations, while Esmeralda's town, provincial headquarters for the party of the CDR, decks out its streets and parks.

Outstanding people of the county of Camagüey will receive today in the Square of the General bigger Revolution Ignacio Agramonte, the medals For the Defense of the Homeland and the Unit of the Neighborhood, and the Distinction September 28.

Central Siboney gets ready to begin harvest in December

Camagüey, Sep 17- The sugar power station Siboney, among the most effective in Cuba in the last harvests, prepares the conditions to begin the next milled by the middle of December and to open the campaign in the county of Camagüey.

In the last season, the industry averaged 72 percent of the norm of matter prosecution prevails, 20 percentage points on the stocking of the territory, it stood out in the elaboration with quality of the raw dedicated to the national consumption, and surpassed the figure planned in some two thousand metric tons.

Yolexis Guerra, directora de esa empresa azucarera, ubicada en el municipio de Sibanicú, dijo a la AIN que la planta tiene previsto empezar la zafra el 15 de diciembre, pero podría adelantarse.

The favorable behavior of the rains in the last weeks and the attentions given to the plantations predicts an increase of the dear one of cane to mill, she explained.

The final figure for the planning of the campaign, so much in mattert prevails to process as of sugar to manufacture, it will leave the evaluation to know the real readiness of the gramineous one in the fields and that will finish 30 in this month.

The room of control of the “Siboney” she informed that the repair program is to 52 percent.

The physical advance coincides with the financial expense, that which means that the resources are used in correspondence with the tasks when are executed, specifiedYolexis .

Juan Enrique Salazar, boss of the room, qualified of normal the tasks in the repairs of the industry and he mentioned as the main ones those that are developed in one of the tachos, the assembly of an economical in a boiler and in the filtration areas and condensed.

The official said that in accordance with the advance of the works, the genius could carry out general tests at the beginning of November.

In Camagüey other two power stations possibly intervene in the next harvest. (Lucilo Tejera Díaz )

Died in Camagüey the musician Emiliano Toledo Velazco

Camagüey, Sep 17 -The Cuban musician Emiliano Toledo Velazco, interpreter of instruments like the oboe, the clarinet and the saxophone, died to the 84 years of age, in this city.

Several groupings welcomed his work, among them, the Symphonic Orchestra of Camagüey, under the teacher's baton Jorge Luis Betancourt.

Toledo Velazco his professional career began in the year 1943 and intruded, also, in the composition with more than 200 pieces in his repertoire, mainly goods of the Cuban popular music, according to the digital place of the local newspaper Adelante.

He dedicated part from his life to the socialization of his knowledge by means of the teaching and orchestra's direction, reason why was invited to integrate during years the jury of the Musical Creator's National Festivals, although he also competed and deserved prizes.

Among other recognitions he received the Distinction Mirror of Patience, the most important granted by the sectoral of Culture in the county.

The distinguished musician directed the first quintet of local wind, the orchestra of the Festival of Boleros of Gold and, until his jubilation, that of Modern Music.

He was also member of the branch of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba, in Camagüey.

In USA weapons are sold, it doesn't care to who

For: Ernesto Pantaleón Medina / Television Camagüey

In the last months have been happened one after other the news on operative of the Mexican authorities against the bands of drug dealers.

- The weapons and the good sense

The most recent give bill of the detention the well-known leader's August 30 as ¨ the barbie ¨ and only some days ago, of the nicknamed ¨ the grande¨

But What situation does it surround these victories of the law? As antecedents, slaughters of civil, wars among gangs or among the applicants to the domain of the posters of the drug.

As colophon, bloody combats of the forces of the order against very armed and equipped criminals, not with guns, revolvers or hunt shotguns, but with automatic rifles of assault.

Any human being with something of decency and in their healthy trial, it is questioned how is possible that the murderers linked the gentlemen of the drug acquire such means.

The question has a simple answer at the same time that terrible, and not publish it the police means of Mexico, neither organs of communication of leftist tendency, neither the enemies of the USA, but the influential daily ¨ The Washington Post ¨.

This Monday, the newspaper qualified in an editorial as scandalous and unacceptable the fact that that country is the supplier of weapons to the posters of the drug traffic, and considers that political will doesn't exist in the government of Obama to collaborate with the neighbor's state authorities in the eradication of the climate of violence that has charged hundred of lives, innocent many of them.

And pleads the " Washington Post ¨"because prohibit again the sale of combat weapons, legislation to which has been given of side in the last years.

Because although you don't believe it, in the country of the freedoms and of the democracy cannot only buy no only a hunt rifle to kill a deer or a pheasant the weekend, or to frighten the wolves in an isolated cattle country property.

Something comprehensible for many, but with same easiness one can acquire a powerful M-16 with all their loaders and the ammunition that chooses, included those bullets that perforate the armored vests of the policemen.

Can a murderer peacefully to reap the life of a family that looks at the TV in the night, or to assault a gas station or a bank, with equipment that him recently less than invincible to resist to the forces of the law.

But a boy also can to take of the father's closet an assault rifle, and to fill with blood the walls of a gentle North American school.

Until when?

jueves, 16 de septiembre de 2010

The grandfather

By: Ernesto Pantaleón Medina / Television Camagüey

Do you remember, Miguel Ángel?

A beloved friend, every Saturday, came closer this way to his maternal grandfather's tomb.

Sometimes, he escaped from the school, in rested shifts to the tight schedule, but it was a necessity.

He missed (and of what way) to the old, high and hefty as an oak that has more than enough the croup of the horse, penetrated from the first years in the inextricable secrets of the manliness of well.

Anecdotes had many, as that of that other boy that inflated him an eye in third grade of the primary one, and the grandfather's lapidary statement: ¨ The men ¨ never returns marked home.

Miguel Ángel died and never more returned the complicated traveled by the property, behind the skilled horseman that continually left a teaching: not to steal, not to lie, not to insult, not to fight without reason, but always, always to forgive.

Today the grandson is a good man, in the biggest sense in the word, that that puts to the universal noun a ¨ H big and indelible ¨.

The life has broken him the habit of visiting the tomb every Saturday, but in all crossroad of its existence, when only fits an option and there is not margin to the error, my friend half-closes the eyes, puckers the frown and his expression is made like be absent.

He admits me that very softly, almost for itself, he asks to the grandfather:
¨ What you believe Miguel Ángel?¨.

Condolences in Camagüey for lost of Lucius Walker

Camagüey, Sep 16- In posthumous homage to the reverend Lucius Walker, was opened a book of condolences in this city for his death, people of Camagüey and foreigners express their pain for the loss of the unconditional friend of Cuba.

Leader of the movement of Shepherds for the Peace, indefatigable fighter for the freedom of the Five antiterrorist Heroes and against the blockade, Walker extended his pacifist and humanitarian work to other countries of Latin America and África, where left a print of solidarity and deep ethical values.

Diverse people and institutions manifested the condolence among those that the members of the Council of the Administration of the Provincial Assembly of the Popular Power figure, representatives of the Council of Churches of Cuba, of the Association of Combatants of the Cuban Revolution and of the cultural sector, informed digital Radio Cadena Agramonte.

“With Lucius Walker`s physical disappearance , Cuba loses a great friend, United States, a great son, the world a great man”, says the sentence that gives opening to the book of condolences, located in the headquarters of the delegation of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Towns (ICAP) in the county of Camagüey.

miércoles, 15 de septiembre de 2010

The Suburban Agriculture needs more implements

The municipality head is the one that exhibits better situation

Camagüey.-Besides the increase of the areas of cultivations thanks to the delivery of lazy lands, one of the priorities of the Suburban Agriculture is the support of the shops of the agricultural companies in the construction and implements repair going to the properties.

In the case of this county, pioneer of this variant around the populational nuclei, the necessities of plows, tiers, carts, ruters and farming could retard the exploitation of small parcel the Ministry of Agriculture reason why (MINAGRI) impels the logistical help as for the acetylene for weldings and lathes able to rehabilitate metallic structures.

Between September and October the municipal directions will have the obligation of speeding up the transfer of machineries for the one clears of overgrowths, to control the requirements of resources for the implements repair and to increase the number of clever properties in the territories of recent incorporation to the suburban project.

The municipality head is the one that exhibits better situation, although presents deficit in the annual plan of setting in operation of carts, and in Slopes, Najasa and Guáimaro concentrate the biggest difficulties.

Vertientes could be one of the places of more recovery in this respect because have a Cattle Company, the Industrial Rice Complex (I FELL) Route Invasora and the Central Panama, a powerful structure of shops that can revert the current situation.(Oreidis Pimentel Pérez )

Efficient acting of the workers of Agricultural Producer Unit of Florida

Camagüey, Sep 15 - With little more than 500 workers, the Unit Agricultural Producer, known by self-consumption of Otero, in the municipality of Florida, assumes 37 percent of the productive administration of the Complex Rice Route Invasora of Camagüey.

At the moment the entity foments new areas and grows in the production of the established properties, in birds, bovine cattle raising, ovina and pigs, with different destinations, among them the territorial autosupply, in the net of state markets, although also covers commitments with the tourism.

He is also projected with more proposals in the making of food animal, responsibility in which replaces, with proven national formulas, foods that up to now were acquired abroad, in order to not to shrink in the cycle of improvements of the animals.

For the labor reorder of that unit of base of agricultural productions,plan to apply measures that, with the biggest rigor, allow to use in each position the exact number of workers that is required.

In similar principle new areas producers of foods are fomented that will be able to assume the force labor surplus, with the traditional benefit for the company and the workers. (Pedro Paneque Ruiz).

Answer of Chávez to Fidel's message

Havana, Sep 15 - Next we transmit the answer of the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez Frías, to the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz that publish today Granma newspaper and Juventus Rebelde:

Dear Fidel:

Truly that we are going by a wave of setbacks.

To today's dawn Tuesday, a helicopter of the Bolivarian Armed that participated in the successful rescue of 21 countrymen of two small lost crafts for 48 hours (still lacking a third craft), smashed and at this hour (10:00 hrs) I have just spoken with the Vice-admiral that commands the operations. They are rescuing some bodies without life. Another tragedy!

As you know, however, we are the children of the storm, Bolívar's children, "the man of the difficulties."

And we will leave ahead! To name of our Town, of the relatives of the deads, of the Revolutionary Government and for the memory of our martyrs, I make you arrive the deepest gratefulness for your notes of weighing and your words of solidarity.

You know it, Teacher that you have been in the face of the adversity that the revolutionaries grow us before it, or as told the Father Simón Bolívar "... we will fight against it and we will make it to obey us"

Until the victory always, Fidel!
We will conquer!!
Hugo Chávez Frías
10:25 HRS.

Message of condolence of Fidel to Chávez

Havana, Sep 15- Next we transmit the message of the leader of the Cuban Revolution condolence, Fidel Castro Ruz, to the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, with reason of the death of Willian Lara, governor of the state Guárico, and that publish today Granma newspaper and Juventud Rebelde.

Dear Hugo:

I want to transmit you the deep pain that caused me the death of Willian Lara, governor of the state Guárico, always friend and defender of the friendship among our two towns.

He fell challenging the danger and fulfilling the duty the Homeland and the Revolution. He didn't hesitate one second in crossing the bridge, already under the waters of the growing and wide river, like are usually in Venezuela; he worried about those that were to the other side of the current. Nothing else fair that to grant him the Liberator's Order and the felt words that you pronounced to the foot of his coffin.

But, he wanted the chance that, the same day, other faithful fighter died for the Bolivarian Revolution : Guillermo García Ponce.

When he took place, at the same time, the unhappy air accident in Bolívar's Venezuelan state, something characteristic of our upset time, the world had a test of what that Revolution means for the town; in question of minutes, all the available resources were put to disposition of the dozens of people survivors.

To the relatives that dear beings lost, those of those in that some member fights to survive, to the town of Venezuela, and to you, I want to transmit them my deepest feelings of solidarity.

Spirit and ahead!

Fidel Castro Ruz
September 13 of 2010
9 and 11 p.m.

martes, 14 de septiembre de 2010

Highlight in Camagüey importance of the First Regional Encounter of Traditions

Camagüey, Sep 14 - Experienced kitchen chefs, from Cienfuegos to Guantánamo, showed in Camagüey typical plates of their towns, in the First Regional Encounter of Traditions, favored by the Culinary Association of the Republic of Cuba.

During the event conferences about Cuban identity were imparted, and elaboration of foods, the importance of the samples of each area, its popular root and the useful thing of exchanging histories and products in the whole national territory.

In Santa Lucía's Tourist Pole, the visitors also appreciated an exhibition of artistic foods, starting from the one carved of viands, vegetables and fruits, and of other international plates.

Sergio Chinea, president of the Culinary Association in Cienfuegos and member of the National Executive Council, highlighted the utility of the exchange and the beauty of the sample. (Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez)

Foreign students in Camagüey support birdcall of justice for Cuban antiterrorists

Camagüey, Sep 14 . - More than a thousand 500 youths of the Federation of Students of the Secondary education (FEEM) played today in this city a march to claim the freedom of the five Cuban antiterrorists prisoners in the United States.

Next to a representation of university students, and foreign scholarship holders that study superior studies in the universities of Camagüey, the scholars traveled the central one Cisneros remains silent, from the Square of the Workers until the preuniversitary Álvaro Morell.

Jorge Jerez Belisario, member of the provincial secretariat of the FEEM, said that the solidarity of all the people inside of and outside of Cuba will contribute to diminish the suffering of five human beings and their families.

“To the North American town we tell - like the Cuban National Hero José Martí affirmed - that don't have anything to fear the towns of the justice, but of those that refuse to exercise it”, he added.

Sherry Belisario meant that, every day that The Five spend in prison, will be an insult to the justice and people of good will.

Yordanis Conde Núñez, first secretary of the Union of Communist Youths in the municipality of Camagüey, talked about the commitment of all the youths and students with the challenges that have as generation, and in how to assume them in the place that plays each one.

In December of this year, will take place in Southafric the XVII Youth's World Festival and the Students, opportune space to pronounce us in favor of Gerardo Hernández, Fernando González, Antonio Guerrero, Ramón Labañino and René González`s liberation, pointed out. (AIN).

lunes, 13 de septiembre de 2010

Begin and end of a Noble Day

For the Five, young of Camagüey and of other thirteen nations conquered the summit of the Sierra del Chorrillo.

Camagüey, - In the beginning, the arrival. Come from many parts but unites them oneself commitment with the justice, with the dignity that transcends opposite and itates men of any place of the world. There are more than a hundred of students, workers, farmers and professional, committed with an immense cause, when saying of many.

In the Sierra summit from today, five ocujes recognizes the antiterrorist patriots
As not climbing this hill? How not to make the effort that is necessary for them that so much has made for Cuba? '', is the common certainty expressed by Jorge Luis Delgado Vázquez, a simple agricultural worker of the place.

The five are there, nobody doubts it. Giving spirits when the encouragement lacks, crowning next to this small Sierra Teacher summit, formerly mambises refuge and rebellious, very near where the Hymn Invader, today conquered by flags of fourteen nations united in defense of the human dignity was born.

Already little lack... it doesn't only stop to reach the summit. All they know it. For that reason they affirm the step in the scarps, they advance without leaving nobody behind, as same the biggest guerilla fighter taught.

Gaspar Cave of Najasa, in the Sierra del Chorrillo, to the southeast of the county of Camagüey will also be from today the Cave of the Five, the Sierra the Five; not only to have been the scenario from where the youth of these lands claimed the immediate liberation of the heroes.

Cave Gaspar of Najasa, in the Sierra of the Spurt will be from today the Cave of the Five, the Sierra the Five in fact for the effort and the solidarity wasted in this, the most recent battle witnessed by its rocks, lived in its hillsides. The end of the day in her initiate it is still to be written but it can only be one: the freedom. It has been this way always, this time, it will also this way be. (Amaury Valdivia)

Camagüey seed of several cultivations undertakes

Camagüey. The farmers of the county of Camagüey calculate their hopes of increasing the production and viands selection, vegetables, grains and fruit-bearing in the seed campaign that have just begun.

Until ends of February 2011 the peasants hope to plant near 16 thousand 600 hectares, more than thousand above the registration in similar previous stage, informed the AIN the delegation of the Ministry of the Agriculture (MINAG).

An important weight in the program runs in charge of the area of Camalote, in the northeast of the territory, important seat of cooperative of affiliated peasants to the National Association of Small Farmers.
In accordance with the calculations, in that part of Camagüey the crop will be of 46 thousand 725 tons (around a million quintals), taking advantage of the improvements in the irrigation for investments, repair and maintenance of channels.

Other places of relevance are the surroundings of the city of Camagüey, the valley of Cubitas, to the north, and in areas of Santa Cruz of the South.

Darío Batista, subdelegate of the MINAG, said to the AIN that the seed begins under very favorable conditions of humidity in the floors for frequent rains in the last weeks.

Of reaching the predicted results, with that plantation will make sure 70 percent of the foods of the agriculture that the residents of the county should consume next year, that is to say unite 96 thousand tons.

Aida Díaz, of the direction in the territory of the National Association of Small Farmers, expressed the AIN that the peasants use in a high grade the use of oxen in the preparation of the earth.

Mainly in the properties of the suburban agriculture the use of the animal traction is decisive, she manifested.

The sector of the private producers and cooperativized seed of the 60 to 65 percent of the surface in the current campaign.(Lucilo Tejera Díaz )

viernes, 10 de septiembre de 2010

Social workers of Cuba: one decade next to the town

Camagüey, 10 Sep. - To one decade of having been founded up today the program of Social Workers that contains in the county of Camagüey to more than three thousand youths dedicated to become well-being, health, and happiness, the life in each community.

For initiative of the Commandant in Boss Fidel Castro, these doctors of the soul, as him qualified them, they carry out from September of the year 10,2000, important tasks for the economic and social development of Cuba.

The contribution of the social workers in productive works, their protagonism in political and cultural activities, in the substitution of teams high consumers inside the Energy Revolution, and in the Combustible Mission, were activities that defined their chore .

“During these 10 years we have been next to the town, assisting the old men that live alone, the detached youths of the study and the work, the unable, the not well nurtured children, and the critical social cases”, Milaydis Tabares said, boss of the program in the territory.

“From the year 2008 work under the conception that people are able to transform for themselves, that is to say that all the individuals that are object of our attention, become subject of their own transformation”, specified Tabares .

“To Fidel we tell that trusts us that maintain the same enthusiasm with the one which created us, fulfilling all the commended tasks and with the conviction of defending the Cuban Revolution”, expressed the functionary. (Yaniuska Macías Rivero / AIN).

The exhibitions of the Fidelio return

Camagüey, - The edition twenty-six of the Provincial Living room of Visual Arts, Fidelio Ponce de León, will begin in the Gallery Center of Art at 9:00p.m o'clock. of the 14 to extend up to September 17 in diverse cultural spaces of the city of Camagüey.

This year the Living room will participate more than thirty artists in manifestations like painting, photographs, facilities and sculpture. Twenty-five works in competition of those more than sixty correspondents will show the talent of the artists villagers in galleries like the “Alejo Cerpentier” and “Salvador Cisneros Betancourt”, besides spaces like the Office of the Historian of the City, the Academy of the Arts “Vicentina de la Torre” and the Provincial Museum “Igancio Agramonte.”

Among the main attractiveness of the Fidelio 2010 will figure the four curatorials projects carried out by outstanding professional of Camagüey like Olga García Yero who with “Casabe and Matajíbaro III” it will gather, among other, to the plastic villager's upper-class artists like Agustín Bejarano, Flora Fong and Roberto Fabelo.

Besides the novelties provided by the house youths, other already consecrated as Nazario Salazar, Joël Jover, Martha Jiménez and Oscar Rodríguez Lasseira, will offer their works to a public accustomed to deliveries superiors every year, mainly, as for diologicity with the urban scenary of the city .

The X Shop of Theory and Critic of the Plastic arts, included in the Living room, will have distinguished intellectuals of national size as the Msc. Jorge Santos Caballero and the Dr. Rafael Acosta de Arriba.

The theoretical reflections will rotate around diverse practical artistic in European and Latin American scenaries, with emphasis in the guardianship, and to the tradition and artistic renovation in the image of the city of Camagüey. (Rogelio Serrano Pérez)

miércoles, 8 de septiembre de 2010

Will stimulate donors of blood in anniversary of the CDR

Camagüey, 8 Sep (AIN) Recognitions to voluntary donors of blood and days of cleaning and embellishment, will carry out the Committees of Defense of the Revolution (CDR), in the county of Camagüey, for the 50 years of the organization.

Encounters of generations, with founders and young cederists will also develop the members of the CDR, created September 28,1960, for initiative of the Commandant in Boss Fidel Castro.

The delivery of the medal For the Defense of the Homeland and the Unit of the Neighborhood, and of the Distinction September 28, the day will be made 17, in the Square of the General bigger Revolution Ignacio Agramonte of the provincial capital.

Miriam García Leyva, provincial coordinator of the CDR in the territory, informed the AIN that this year had place important political processes in each neighborhood and community, starting from the exchange on the speeches of the President of the Council of State and of Secretaries of Cuba, Raúl Castro.

The fight against the crime, the corruption, the illegalities and the social indisciplines, as well as the incorporation to the program of the urban agriculture of the families with some earth portion to sow, they strengthen the chore of the organization, García added.

Also, the neighbors were the main characters in the eleccionary process of their representatives of the Popular Power, and have groups of solidarity with the five Cuban antiterrorists that complete unjust condemnations in prisons of the United States, she specified.

During the day that will extend until the day 28, will proceed to the seed of trees and the collection of matters cousins, fundamentally of paper and cardboard.

The yellow bus

By: María del Carmen Fuentes / Television Camagüey

Perhaps my association of ideas could seem simple, but it doesn't embarrass me. Now that we know of Lucius Walker`s death I make a quick recount of that magnificent human being's presence among us the Cubans, and then I think of that idea that he always came to mind in an involuntary way when in the streets of my Camagüey I saw a yellow bus, those school transports of the United States that have been symbols of the expression repeated year after year for the Shepherds for the Peace.

In the middle of Special Period (1992), the Reverend that part of this town was made because they identified us the dignity, the courage, the love..., demonstrated us its true faith for the fair causes, for the man and the woman of an island that reciprocated the same love as much to him as to his caravanists.

Then when the crisis got worse and the imperial pressures suffocated more and more, Lucius violated opposite, laws, absurd because the Cubans needed medications, technology for schools, hospitals, labor centers and some that another means of transport that he helped amid so many lacks. And it arrived this way one or another yellow bus to different points of the Cuban geography, and was unavoidable to think of them, the caravanists for the peace that continued Lucius Walker.

But to each one of these people, of these North Americans, didn't have enough ; faced the prepotency, the sanctions, and also gave their perspiration in camps of solidarity and this way the religious preach of helping the neighbor could not be more concrete. Hands that built there where more lack made.

To Lucius Walker, proud of breaking, an and another time, the blockade, we saw him happy next to Fidel, also an and another time in every year of hard battles. Both were admired and that was noticed in the images or the instantaneous.The sure Commandant also found in him to an indefatigable fighter for the freedom of our 5 Heroes prisoned in the United States, and only that was enough, although there was more, a lot more than that man that thought until the last minute of his life and acted with the honesty of the big ones.

For the legendary streets of my Camagüey still traffics one of those yellow bus; when seeing him surrender to Lucius Walker a silent tribute that will be the eternal gratefulness of all those that here appreciate the detachment of his life.

Evaluate in Camagüey new technology for rice seed

Camagüey, 8 Sep. - Specialists of the Institute of Investigations of the Rice, evaluate in Camagüey a technology of rice seed for transplant that use producing of Japan, with the one that increase the agricultural yields of the grain notably.

Jesus Limia, director of the Experimental Station of that cultivation, in the municipality of Vertientes-distant municipality to some 26 kilometers of the city of Camagüey, explained that the project began to be applied this year and consists on the obtaining of a sustrate stuck to the roots of the little trees when are taken out of the nurseries.

People who work in the Rice seed of Camagüey, in its majority peasants, plants for this method up to 40 square meters, in two or three working hours, the investigator specified.

The seed for transplant, is more effective because is carried out with the best seeds and the fields fomented with this technology contribute from two to three tons for hectare above what is achieved with the traditional method. (Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez)

In Camagüey, day for The Five Cuban antiterrorists

Camagüey, 8 Sep - A support day to the five Cuban antiterrorists political prisoners in the United States, will carry out starting from next Sunday and until the day 30, students and young of the county of Camagüey.

The Sierra of the Chorrillo, located in the municipality of Najasa, to the southeast of the provincial capital, will be scenary the day 12 of a walk that 50 outstanding youths of the town will play, and to which scholarship holders foreign residents will be integrated in the universities of the city of Camagüey.

When concluding the escalade, the journalist and correspondent of the newspaper Juventud Rebelde, Yahily Hernández Porto, will receive the Prize Homeland, maximum reward that grants the National Council of the Martian Juvenile Movement , in recognition to the youth's revolutionary qualities and her chore like juornalist.

Yuleidis Cartero Caballero, would work of the Ideological Department of the Union of Communist Youths, she told to the AIN that will give to know a message to Ramón Labañino, René González, Gerardo Hernández, Antonio Guerrero and Fernando González, and will sow a tree like symbol of that day of solidarity.

Jorge Jerez, of the provincial secretariat of the Federation of Students of the Secondary education, informed that will carry out the day 13 a multinational march to demand the liberation of The Five, which will culminate in the Square of the Workers, in the capital of Camagüey.

The day will include, also, work voluntary on Sunday 26 in the centers of higher education of the territory, in charge of the members of the Brigade of Work Friends of Cuba, with the support of the provincial branch of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Towns. (Yaniuska Macías Rivero / AIN)

martes, 7 de septiembre de 2010

With long light comes the carnivals of Santa Cruz del Sur

Santa Cruz del Sur, 7 Sep. - With a view to developing some profitable popular parties this 2010 in Santa Cruz del Sur, the members of the Local Commission of Recreation were activated, agents implied in finishing details to satisfy the demands of the town before the accustomed traditional activities of the territory.

It is plan to make the carnivalof Santa Cruz in coming October with the options that identify this southern region, those that include sale of certified foods for the Sectoral of Health, authorized personnel that also prioritizes the well-being of the consumers, under festival conditions.

Members of that Commission analyze from the date the preparations of the prospective popular parties who of group with professionals of the Electric Basic Organization of this city, will be the so much of the energy consumption during the festival days, for what called you to the residents and personal other people's that works in that day to the maximum cooperation for the sake of the efficiency and the saving also in these days. (Yamilé Agrenot Castillo)

lunes, 6 de septiembre de 2010

To avoid the premature end of the life

Camagüey, - Nobody questions it: it is a true pain that to this height of the era of the knowledge and of consolidation of important scientific discoveries, let us find people in the world that are not given for informed that the planet that we inhabit is on the edge of a nuclear debacle, if United States and Israel don't give up their plans of attacking Iran.

The fact could make an appointment of unusual if in good lid millions of earthlings didn't know such a threat and what hangs about the world peace, mistreated by the wars, promoted and encouraged by United States in different places like Iraq and Afghanistan, conflicts of Israel against Palestine and other focuses of tension.

To remain impassive in the face of that sad reality is to accept the premature end of the life patiently, prevenible if we all raise the voices and we omen a world of justice and of peace.

There is not right some that the ferocious binomial: USA and Israel maintains in a fright the tranquility of more than 7 000 million people that want to live in an atmosphere of fraternity and human solidarity.

In this minute the problem is that focalize in that the biggest number of people notices the danger and look for to persuade the president from United States, Barack Obama that avoids to transform to the world doesn't stop bad but stops well of the humanity.

There the ignoramuses that the most learned are made from the world to the shade of signs fetishists of the canned superprograms that intoxicate and alienate.

Hopefully the exit to the conflict of United States and Israel against Iran is that of the wisdom and to leave without effect the agreement of the Council of Security of the ONU that authorizes to the biggest world power to inspect the merchant ones and air ships of the Persian nation.

I think that nobody wants that it happens that unfortunate minute. Of happening it will be the explosion from a conflagration to global scale in which would lose, so much those attacked as the attackers, rushed to a sure death that would wear mourning to millions of homes, without thinking, clear, in the worst consequences as the loss of the balance of the environment and the disappearance of the species.

Neither United States nor Israel are entitled to condemn Iran because enriches uranium with peaceful ends, however, so much one as other possesses nuclear weapons and get bold with threats, even, with attacking a nobleman and brave town.

To less than twenty-four hours that the general director of the International Agency for the Atomic Energy claimed Israel to adhere to the Treaty of Not Nuclear Proliferation (TNP), I agree that limits the diffusion of atomic weapons and allows controls in the places to the inspectors of the AIEA, the Zionist regime underrated the proposal, carried out in Vienna by the Japanese Yukiya Fakes, maximum representative of the institution, according to press offices, diffused on Sunday September five.

The 200 nuclear bombs that Israel possesses are not of game, these are able to complicate the chess board in which the checkmate should be given for well of all with the record, called PEACE. (Enrique Atiénzar Rivero)

Philatelic of Camagüey discusses heading for the Congress

Camagüey, - The collectors of the Philatelic Circle Ignacio Agramonte in this city debated multiple topics as the current situation of the postal cancellations, the international change and the quality of the design of the postal emissions of Cuba like part from the process of assemblies to the congress of the specialty, to takes place from the 27 to November 28 in Havana.

The meeting had the presence of José Raúl Lorenzo, president of the Cuban Philatelic Federation (FFC) and representatives of the Company of Mail in the territory, a bond that can perfect some limitations of the popular liking of the stamps and postal documents without doubts, which needs bigger training on the part of the personnel of the Postal Areas and classification centers.

In spite of difficulties in the exchange and the existence of envelopes of first day (FDC), the main critics approached the desconexion between the approaches and the collectors' opinions with regard to the politics of emissions of the Ministry of the Communications.

The topic of the high quantity of annual emissions, value facial and not tariff approved by the International Postal Union and the reduction in the conceptual quality of the design are others of the edges that will surely have continuity and polemic in the Cuban capital.

Still when young students of the Superior Institute of Design (ISDI) present novel projects others of low quality prevail and that in many cases respond to institutional interests or the little creativity of a small group of designers, it proves that the Cuban coleccionism suffers of subjective difficulties.

Besides the interventions, outstanding collectors of the county received diplomas for their participation in competitions and exhibitions, were carried out the proposals to the national candidacy and of the Central Region and the Circle chose their four delegates to the Congress.

Camagüey has about 300 members that which converts the CF Ignacio Agramonte in bigger than its type in the country outside of Havana and harbors a great philatelic tradition that includes the privilege of possessing the only exclusive edition of stamps of its own region in the national postal history, the case of the emission of Port Prince during the North American occupation. (Oreidis Pimentel Pérez)

viernes, 3 de septiembre de 2010

Ready Camagüey for the next school course

By : Luis Naranjo / Television Camagüey

To some hours so that the country is wrapped up again in a very beautiful war, but of big challenges: the next school course.

The people of Camagüey has surrendered with bravery to the task and are already clever to face one superior lective year, able to form the men and women continuators of the work of the Revolution.

Schools, teachers, professors, study materials, resources and an appropriate programming, will allow the superation of almost 145 thousand students in 789 centers of different levels of the county.

To perfect more the pedagogic models, to strengthen the work in the ten urban preuniversitaries of 8 municipalities, to consolidate the paper of the family in the educational process, with the increment now of external students and to elevate the quality of the teaching and the learning, are actions that characterized the coming school course in Camagüey.

In dialogue with Álvaro Piñeda, provincial subdirector of education in Camagüey knew that to give birth to of September 6 will open its doors 501 primary schools ,62 infantile circles, 30 special schools, 77 secondary, 29 pre-university students, 35 polytechnicians, 5 schools of occupations, 36 centers of adults, 1 former of teachers and 13 facilities that come from the mines, of all them, 34 mixed centers.

“It is necessary to highlight, said Álvaro Piñeda that those that conclude the ninth and 12 grades and are not able to go to the pre and the university, have possibilities to enter to the former of teachers and the professional technical schools.”

And I finish saying that one of the main missions of the education in Camagüey is to achieve bigger quality in the learning of the students, after an appropriate preparation of the cloisters and to take again to this county to the first places from the sector to national level.

Starting from the next September 6, the teacher's sentence will be reaffirmed: in the books this the duty.

Contribute people of Camagüey solutions to save energy

Camagüey, 3 Sep. - The movement of the Forum of Science and Technique of this county, respond to the convocation of the direction of the country of mobilizing the material, human and financial resources in function of the saving with the contribution of some 6 000 solutions.

A software that calculates and controls the consumption indexes of diesel in the electrogens groups, it contributes to economize about 3 400 liters of fuel monthly in each generating plant of electricity of Camagüey.

Among the contributions the automatic system also stands out for the surveillance of the pressure of the water, installed in the factory of beer Tínima of Camagüey, the one that substitutes to the old hidroneumatic method and facilitates to reserve 30 percent of the energy that wastes away there.

On the other hand, the specialist of Camagüey of the Company Radiates Cuba created a device for the automation of the stop program and outburst of the television transmitters that represents a saving in the whole country of 800 megawatt/hour a year. (Pablo Cabero Viamontes)

Fidel and the first lesson of the Cuban school course

By : José Gilberto Valdés / Television Camagüey

The historical perron of the University of Havana, scenario of multiple battle of ideas of Cuban youths' generations, has become in the morning of this Friday September 3, in a great classroom, where an unquestionable teacher, Fidel, imparts the first class of the school course: The peace, as the humanity's survival.

This message to the university students is carried out in the first presence in an act of the leader of the Cuban Revolution`s masses. The appearance sinks to the arguments in interviews, official conversations, visits to Cuban communities and Reflections that has carried out to alert to the world on the urgent topic of the nuclear war, its consequences and way of avoiding it during the summery season.

The danger of a nuclear holocaust has changed land. It is no longer an island of the Caribbean, when in the crisis of the missiles in the year 1963 willing to defend with dignity its sovereignty, now is Iran, a nation that an inch doesn't go back in front of the leonine demands of United States and Israel, under the pretext of possessing a nuclear arsenal.

In a document had read the Cuban Parliament for some weeks highlighted “So dramatic was the square that had before that didn't see another exit as was not a survival, perhaps probable, in the part of this hemisphere that didn't have reason to be white of direct attack and in some isolated regions of the planet.”

All action is, again, of persuading an American president of throwing the trigger. An apocalyptic situation has been created in that area of the world. There is a hope however. In the hands of Barack Obama is the alternative to offer the possibility of the peace, in the humanity's benefit.

Some minutes ago, when summarizing his intervention in front of the university students, like in all the learned and enthusiastic, but now free and more conscious times, the Commandant in Boss Fidel Castro meant that the presence and the moral support that are offering to this fight for the peace. He exhorted them to not leaving the battle that like in other many fights of the past is possible to conquer.

The fight continuous

A continuous fight

By : Yamila Cruz Romero/ Televisión Camagüey

The respect, the affection and the discipline were imposed at once today that our Commandant Fidel Castro summoned when meeting in the perron of the University of Havana with the students of the study house, witness of the formation of thousands revolutionaries that over there have trafficked.

The habit of maintaining his town upgrade is for the eternal leader of the Cuban revolution a privilege, and considers that mainly the youths, main characters of the Cuban revolutionary vanguard, be prepared for a great event or world catastrophe that is to happen, coarse that the main hosts of such a threat take conscience and ignore the absurd idea of disappearing part of the planet.

The fight for the justice is for the Cubans a task, the world cannot be destroy for a whim and is for that reason that the unit is imposed.

A better world can be possible if we all achieve the unit and we avoid the hate and the bitterness, if we take care of the environment, and we take the necessary measures, anything will happen, our commandant affirms this way in his intervention.

Achieving all this, the planet and the world will be grateful.

jueves, 2 de septiembre de 2010

Workers of Camagüey work to increase forests areas

Camagüey, 2 Sep. - The creation of forest properties is one of the main challenges of people of Camagüey, to increase the forests areas of the territory, to eliminate the weeds and to propitiate the production of foods and breedings of animals for the feeding of the town.

Joaquín González Acosta, director of the Integral Forest Company of the county, pointed out that most of those units-located in the surroundings of the city of Camagüey -, are dedicated to the reforestation of the area with trees and diverse species of fruit-bearing.

For the multiple works that bears the reanimation of the forests, together to the seed and attention of several cultivations, vegetables and the upbringing of animals, the program includes the location of several establishments, in those that the near construction of several housings, allows the integration of the farmers.

The task, embraces some six thousand hectares, and for it the forest of Camagüey has the nursery The Chromium, in the one that for the most part women, prepare, per year, a million postures of trees and fruit-bearing for the reforestation of the surroundings of the city, as pine, cedar, acacia, locust, eucalyptus, maranon and casuarina. (Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez)

miércoles, 1 de septiembre de 2010

Integrated system of Medical Urgencies of Camagüey, among the first ones in Cuba

The ambulances of medical emergency are endowed with advanced teams of vital attendance.

Camagüey, sep 1st- From its setting in march in the year 2005 the Integrated System of Medical Urgencies (SIUM) of the county of Camagüey, is located among the five first of the country with better results.

Camagüey has bases of ambulances in all the municipalities, to what sink the hospital therapies and the intensive areas, with a bigger number of teams in the provincial, given capital the complexity and the demand of these services.

As part of the one referred program in the year in course the transportation was increased of more than 30 thousand people with sufferings don't burden, remitted to institutions of Public Health of other counties and of the Cuban capital.

The personnel's valuable contribution that works in the System of Medical Urgencies, is the attention in its own homes to patients affected by heart and breathing unemployments, and have an cerebrovascular accident. (Alex López Almaguer)

Pioneers of Camagüey will take place 50 years of their organization

Camagüey, Sep 1st. - Pioneer Organization José Martí (OPJM) in the county of Camagüey will develop starting from next day six, a program of activities to celebrate the anniversary 50 of their creation.

Miyannis Torres Rodríguez, president of the OPJM in the territory, informed the AIN that up to the 15 coming the responsible of directing the organization will receive methodological classes with the purpose of knowing the peculiarities of the next school calendar.

She advanced that October eight new children will enter the OPJM, fact that will be dedicated to the 50 years of the Victoria of Girón and the Declaration of the Socialist Character of the Cuban Revolution.

The restlessness on the study, the vocational formation and the professional orientation, the operation of the organization, the knowledge of the history and the chore of the pioneer movements , will be evaluated in the assemblies from each classroom starting from October 28.

The months of November and December will be good for the search of alternative and solutions of the main problems detected in the educational facilities, while January and February will welcome the assemblies of the OPJM in the 13 municipalities of the county.

Soon the small ones will carry out guards in each neighborhood, in greeting to the means century of existence of the Committees of Defense of the Revolution, founded September 28, 1960 for the Commandant in Boss Fidel Castro like answer to the contrarrevolutionaries actions. (Yaniuska Macías Rivero / AIN)