martes, 28 de abril de 2009

South African Defense Minister Pays Homage to Internationalists

HAVANA, Cuba, April 27 (acn) Charles Ngakula, South Africa´s Minister of National defense, said this Monday he was honored to pay homage to the Cuban internationalists who gave their lives for the freedom of Africa and other nations of the world.

Ngakula laid a wreath at the Pantheon of those who fell for the independence of their Homeland, located at Havana´s Colon Cemetery. The South African official was accompanied by Cuban Division General Antonio Enrique Luson Battle and Brigadier General Delsa Esther Puebla.

In statements to ACN news agency, the South African Minister, who is meeting an official agenda in Cuba, said that there is a great understanding in his country about the meaning of the Cuban Revolution.

This is a solemn place, not only for Cubans but also for those who received the assistance of the small Caribbean nation he said and added that though their remains rest here, they are alive in everybody´s memory due to their courage and heroism, he stressed.

Charles Ngakula pointed out that this homage is closely related to South Africa´s Independence Day, whose 15th anniversary is celebrated today as those that gave their lives for that country´s freedom are always remembered.

The African Minister said it was a great honor for him and his accompanying delegation to mark this date in Havana, because it connects them directly with the history of all liberation struggles.

Referring to his country’s current projects, Ngakula mentioned the mitigation of poverty in the first place, since there are still people suffering this scourge; and facing the economic world crisis.

Only unity will allow us to move forward in the face of these challenges, he concluded.

(Titular sudafricano de Defensa honra a internacionalistas)

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