miércoles, 25 de agosto de 2010

Yipsi is big again

By :Yoelxy Pilliner López /Camagüey Television

The sportwoman of Camagüey Yipsi Moreno is big again when being titled champion of the athletic meeting of Lille, France. The hammer pitcher-Cuban only representative, after its not convincing performance in Berlin last Sunday - it achieved a shipment of 70.20 meters to arrive at most high of the podium.

Far still of the registrations that locate it among the punters of the world in this event, the girl of Camagüey put on in the tip of the competition with a discreet shipment of 69,81 meters. The fourth shot of Yipsi already put definitive figures, to leave behind at the third of the world ranking, the Russian Tatiana Lisenko who alone could throw the hammer up to 69.60 meters. In the third position it was the moldava Zalina Marghieva with 69,50.

This result has been of vital importance for the her, since the catapult to stellar planes after its license of maternity.

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