jueves, 13 de enero de 2011

Cuba Holds the Ceremony Award of the Cuban Scientific Journalism and Communication Contest

SANTA CLARA, Cuba - The documentary ‘Villa Clara Marine Coastal Environment’, by Rogelio Mora, from the Center of Environmental Studies and Services (CESAM), was awarded on Wednesday the grand prize of the Alfredo Nieto Dopico Scientific Journalism and Communication Contest.

The documentary, which highlights the importance of protecting biodiversity in the coastal area of the central Cuban province of Santa Clara, also received recognition by the Social Communicators Association.

The delegate from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA), Maria del Carmen Velazco, highlighted Mora’s work, taking into account that in 2010 he made a commendable work on environmental education through audiovisual pieces.

The radio award was given to journalist Lisdey Rega from the radio station Estereocentro for a series of works on students who are members of scientific societies.

A program dedicated to the protection of a vegetal specie of Santa Clara, by producer Arnaldo Diaz, from Telecubanacan, was also awarded.

The press award was presented to journalist Ricardo Gonzalez, from the Vanguardia Newspaper, for his work ‘Expedition to Jumagua’; and the photography award was given toJose Antonio Pegudo, from CESAM for a trio of images of the fauna of that province.

Aliam Camacho, a CITMA specialist, referred to the quality of the more than 40 works presented in the contest, and said that 27 of these works will represent the province in the Gilberto Caballero National Journalism and Communication Festival, sponsored by CITMA. (acn)

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